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  1. As you all probably know, on 13 September 2015 the Flushing Line extension past Times Square to Hudson Yards will open. This gave me reason to go out last Monday to film some Train action between Hunters Point Avenue and Times Square. You will see some R188 and R62 trains, new and old signage intermixed in stations, and hear automatic announcements that will soon be history. I also shot a short film riding an R188 train from Grand Central into Times Square, including my favorite “this is the last stop on this train” announcement. Enjoy!
  2. Hey, as of today (or rather yesterday already) service has been extended to Broad Street in Manhattan. I shot the following film on Sunday afternoon. It first shows a few scenes from above ground and then goes under ground for some train action. Enjoy!
  3. Hey guys, I shot the following video a while back in April, but I didn’t get around editing it until today. The IRT Flushing Line allows for some marvellous views of the Midtown Manhattan skyline. This is especially true during sunset. On April 17 some large clouds in the sky made for a dramatic sunset, and I happened to be around with my filming equipment. Enjoy some shots of and trains at 46th Street–Bliss Street with Manhattan as a backdrop!
  4. Hey guys, a few weeks back I was able to leave work early enough to filming during the evening rush hour along the IRT Flushing Line in Corona, Queens. The following film shows some and action at Junction Blvd, 103rd Street–Corona Plaza and also 111th Street. You will see some trains running on the upper level of the elevated structure at 111th Street! :-) Enjoy!
  5. I'm using a Canon EOS 70D. In this video I used the EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 STM lens. For audio I used an (external) RØDE Stereo VideoMic Pro. I hope this helps. :-)
  6. Thanks guys! I believe they chose this station for an upgrade to help revitalize Lower Manhattan. Also, I think they will connect it to the new World Trade Center Transit Hub to PATH, once it is finished.
  7. This is very interesting. While I do like the old announcements, I guess they feel a bit long and redundant. Traveling a lot to London, it is interesting how they compare to the London Underground. For instance, “Ladies and Gentlemen, as you exit, please be careful of the gap between the platform and the train” really is unnecessarily long here. In London it is just “Mind the gap between the train and the platform edge.” Also, that new announcement that tells us to make room for customers to exit is just annoying. I cannot imagine they would keep it like this.
  8. A few weeks ago I was shooting at the brand-new Fulton Transit Center station complex. I think it is quite beautiful. The new station building and passageways are nice and modern, and thus much less shabby than most of the subway system. The station platforms are not upgraded, however, which provides for an interesting contrast between old and modern. This film explores the station and also shows train action at the Lexington Avenue, Eighth Avenue and Seventh Avenue Line Platforms. The and was not running since I filmed on a Saturday. By the way, what is the reason behind terminating the at Chambers Street on weekends? It sounds a bit arbitrary to me (there were plenty of confused people at the platform who wanted to take a train). Enjoy!
  9. Last Saturday there was no service between Manhattan and Queensboro Plaza. I spent some time at Queensboro Plaza station filming. You see some trains terminating and also trains, which had to pick up the passengers from the that wanted to go to Manhattan. Enjoy!
  10. Beautiful photograph! Unfortunately, I missed that event.
  11. Yes so I've heard :-( Were you stuck on that train? I actually moved to NYC (Hunters Point) last December, and I must say that the is quite unreliable. I really hope that the upgrades they are bringing to the Flushing Line will make the situation better in the long run.
  12. Considering that the train again broke down this morning, it's probably not the most popular line right now. But when it is actually working it can be quite beautiful! Since on Saturday it was finally warmer and sunny, I took some shots of the IRT Flushing Line at 111th Street, Mets–Willets Point, Corona Yard, and Flushing. Enjoy the film!
  13. A couple of weeks ago, I filmed at Times Square–42nd Street during (and just after) the evening rush hour. My goal was to capture the different platforms, trains, the musicians, and the overall atmosphere of the station You will see trains of the IRT Seventh Avenue, 42nd Street Shuttle, IRT Flushing and BMT Broadway lines. Enjoy!
  14. The following film shows the 125th Street Station and the beautiful viaduct that bridges Manhattan Valley on the IRT Seventh Avenue–Broadway Line. I filmed this almost two weeks ago on a Saturday. Uptown trains ran express from 96th to 137th street on that day, so you can see some trains going on the center track.
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