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  1. I'd be surprised if that was the case as I've seen people throughout the current process wearing glasses. If that eliminated you wouldn't they bring that up and flag people in the beginning so they didn't waste their time?
  2. Good luck Drenyce...remember Safety Safety Safety.
  3. You would know better then me, what's the average age of a LIRR Locomotive Engineer at this point? Not everyone retires just because they can...is it possible they've built up a large group of Engineers who could pull the trigger and retire on them? You're also right on the people interviewing...alot of people are getting cut just from the 1st interview alone.
  4. When I went in in Jan for the interview/test, that was the reason we were given to their hiring frenzy. They've been doing an Interview session once a month since Dec.
  5. They said they were expecting over 50 people to retire in the next 2 years.
  6. Most unions do wage progression at this point don't they?
  7. Yeah got back from the overview this...lots of studying to be done but quite informative. Obvious difference for Conductors would be that we learn and get to drive the train and they can't...however they are required to learn alot of the same stuff we have to. They have to know all the signals and score a 100% too.
  8. Is anyone else going in for the Locomotive Engineer Trainee Signals & Definitions Overview this Friday?
  9. You mean the panel interview after taking the test?
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