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  1. So I've been told don't go thru yellow lights and keep distance from vehicles and just listen to instructor and don't act like u know it all especially to any cdl license holders.. any other advice??
  2. They check sugar..protein.. And other stuff in your urine.. Blood pressure.. Vision.. Ekg.. Hearing.. And then a doctor checks u to see if u qualify u need to bring birth certificate social and drivers license
  3. Are there any diabetics on this post???.. Did u get your call for medical
  4. I'm 45** And what exactly happens at this medical assessment?!?.. Do they make u wear a gown???.. Full physical type thing???
  5. So the drug test and medical isn't done on the same day.. Damn how much longer after the drug test is the medical?!?!... And when are the next expected training classes???..
  6. I went in March for the same thing and now they sent this one for the same thing.. But in March they told us there was no room and didn't even take the drug test or physical and we should hear something June-July so now I guess this is the announcement
  7. They sent me another employment processing letter to come in for July 10 anyone else..passed my road test Monday and now they sent this letter today..????????????
  8. My road test was held in maspeth.. Got there early in the morning.. Examiner comes all ready to intimidate lol.. You chock your bus do your signals and break lights..pre trip..5 step air brake test.. I didn't have to do inside but just be prepared to do everything.. Then u Do ya parking brake and service brake.. Take u to do your general driving then backing and parallel then highway which was the bqe to wood haven keep up with traffic and call your hazards back on highway then back in maspeth to do rr crossings and that's it..
  9. Passed my cdl road test today!!!.. So in the meantime waiting for exam 3101 to open back up I'm thinking of going to Nassau county aka nice voila transportation any input because they r hiring
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