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  1. Keep me updated on when you hear and I'll do the same.
  2. Nope, nothing yet. I had my panel in September Now I'm starting to sweat.
  3. I check this place often to see if you got the call yet. My heart skips a beat everytime my phone rings.
  4. Still waiting to hear back after my Panel Interview. Good luck!! Take no Prisoners!!!!
  5. No sweat, we're all in the same boat looking for whatever information we can find and at the end of the day not learning much of anything new. Thats why I questioned your post, It went against everything I had previously read and I figured I got something else wrong about this long and never-ending process
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Phase 2 depend entirely on if you get through Phase 1? As far as how many people passed, I have no idea. I asked the HR Rep and she kind of gave me the impression that she didn't want to share the number, all she said was "not many"
  7. Don't you mean Phase 1? They told me they have a class starting in November, I hope that's still true.
  8. Did you take the S&D on Aug 28th? I thought we would have heard back by now, they said not many people passed so I wonder if they're going to have to do another exam to fill up the class.
  9. 2 months...damn. I recently had my panel interview and they said they were going to have a class in November, I guess it depends on the amount of qualified people they have to consider. I've been sweating since the interview just to hear something, after 2 months I might not have hair on my head. Thanks for the answers, BTW!!
  10. drenyce311, how long was the approximate wait between the panel interview and when they notified you that you were accepted to phase 1? And is there a physical in-between? If so, what does it consist of? Whats the screening consist of?
  11. How would you suggest preparing for the Panel? What kind of questions get asked?
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