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  1. what is the link to tens website? @MrcKa
  2. Question is there a link to all the train operator bulletins online?
  3. How long is training? Do you get full pay for training? What size bag did you get @ErikNYC ?
  4. I got sworn in today for the Dec 28 class
  5. Thanks I will not be attending therapy anymore once i start.
  6. @mikeems1 They put me on medical hold because I had car accident recently and is currently attending therapy. They said once i bring letter from doctor i will be cleared. I plan to do so either tomorrow or Wednesday. So i'll see what happens from there.
  7. Just got called to report tomorrow morning at 7:30am for medical at 180 Livingston. She said if all goes well I will be in the Nov 30 class. Wish me luck. List #442x
  8. yeah i did they said they were up to processing #4255 just have to wait until they get up to my number for the call.
  9. My list number is 442* I did my initial drug test on Sept 11 2015 at 180 Livingston and was told I will be contacted in 3-90 days. I am still waiting for the call back.
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