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  1. when i was there processing, thier hr guy said its not their concern, what mv u get after u submit your paperwork. you should consult in-person, at the livingston hr processing desk with HR, as a general question rather than telling them his driving record outright. i would ask two different hr people either there going to say, pay the ticket and continue processing, stop processing, pay, comeback- but u might miss a class... or whatever tix u got doesn’t apply to employment at this point. with 11pts, i would at least like to know my options, before. Personally i think, if its not a driving position ......and like correction law 23a, transit should not prohibit employment strictly on pendency of moving violations. Rather, it should allow the applicant to resolve and process, or evaluate the violations case by case if applicant is unable to resolve at processing. keep in mind trackworker in itself requires no liscense...u can be processed even if u never had a drvs lisc. there are some drv picks in track, but then u are simply processed again for driving specfic...its not like they use old trackworker paperwork........they check your current license, your abstract, and then enter your driver info into the special dmv monitor system, which automatically dectects when a ticket is entered against you....Its just like the arrest notification system MTA collaborates with NYS dcjs keep that in mind, OP, when u have 11+ pts and want any driving job/pick in transit
  2. around a week long of driving for training, u will be trained even if already are liscensed with an A or B.there might be an advantage for picking a dual rate spot, but still have to reach a higher enough seniority to pick it. its up to management to let u drive with out going thru the familiarity training for mta trucks. If i were a supt, i wouldnt let u drive without that familarity or at least give u time with a full rate or full time driver. they key with permits is that u have to pick or bid into a spot and get trained before that state forces u to reapply. Another words, dont depend on mta to get ur CDL if u really want one in a timely manner.
  3. Updates on experience They identify the new guys buy the color of their blue hats. The senior guys have darker helmets. Low seniority guys have powered blue Seniority in terms of an undesirable job that day, is not really seniority, it’s a "custom" based upon seniority. Seniority only applies to job picks and bids. Other words foremen can ask a senior guy at any time to carry "the heaviest tool" but it’s customary for junior to carry heaviest tool. Follow the trend but don’t be abused or unsafe Get sole support for your feet, there are many obstacles and tripping hazards on tracks, look before stepping There are self-proclaimed track foremen junior and senior will attempt to tell you what to do, if unsure check with foremen, those same guys will not back you in an incident. Senior guys are more trust worthy than a "joe railroad" junior guy. Try not to be annoyed at this behavior. They will tell u there is some special "technique" to do something, often u learn u own or you "just get", because there are different techniques to doing something. Dexterity, varies person to person... some people never get it all. But they will always get something Often, foremen don’t know how to really supervise, they just let the senior guys do as they please or they get annoyed if your are not doing enough Foremen and Supervisory vary hugely in personality types. Some are really nice and calm, others no so much. What’s common is that they came from trackmen. So they know exactly what going on and job environment and customs The break the jerry thing is really a myth, because most ppl are too cheap to buy chicken at some random time; other times maybe. OT continues to be on and off. Most OT is done on off days. Expect to work harder those OT days Deductions and Taxes continue to be a significant burden on pay. In term of cost of living of NYC. Shack up, stay home, get a roommate etc. cut the cable, moving area strategy etc. Until you pay reaches a little higher or you get a higher position. IN PD AKA THIRD RAIL, the junior guys appear to be mostly days while seniors are nights. Reverse of track. Leave balances can only be produced by a printout from payroll via your track mail man or "paperwork guys" or a supervisor, unfortunately the technology hasn’t caught up with other governmental agencies. If you're quiet, some guys or foremen will "shit test" just to see how capable you are in shooting the shit or being a track alpha. Do your job, don’t play into this, if u so happen to make "friends" then that’s also good Females have interesting roles in track dept. I wish they would train management/trackmen on how to handle women in male dominated work environments CDLs will help. But there additional administrative hoops you still have to jump thru. First, for NY you only have a 1 year CDL permit, which basically means you have pass a road test and get your actual license within that year-before starting over and reapplying for a permit. Second, if you have a permit, transit has to send you training/road test. This is not guaranteed even if you pick into the spot. There have been some back logs with some titles in terms of training-w/o training u can’t do the job or get paid for it...with little exceptions. Third, there are trucks that are NON AIR BRAKE; many drivers have not been able to draw specialist pay for smaller non airbrake trucks that transit often uses.
  4. Transit and bridges and tunnels cc titles falls under DCAS, whereas the whole MTA doesn't. The rule is that you are allowed access to your previous title for up to one year if that new title requires and new probationary period. You must have had complete that previous titles probationary period 1st. So only if a track worker completes his probationary period , get promoted to train operator...then resigned or gets fired from school car or anytime within TOs probation period....he can go back to track under DCAS/TA personnel rules...key is you must be PERMANENT at the job to fall back on it. these rules typically only refer to civil service titles(hourly, supervisory or managerial)
  5. OT was tapered off due to public scrutiny and end of fiscal year, on top of money diverted to a yet to be approved MTA capital budget(NOT TRACK CAPITAL). http://nypost.com/2016/03/09/mta-fat-cats-making-more-with-overtime-than-their-chairman/ http://blog.tstc.org/2016/03/02/nyc-independent-budget-office-governor-cuomos-mta-funding-plan-is-shrouded-in-ambiguity/ dont worry, i wore sweats at orientation, jeans and boots is fine, track school wants jeans and black boots, then ur track boots
  6. they give you safety gear in school. there is no uniform or uniform allowance , in track just safety ware. 5 day work week. 2 days off. at school u get a mini pick based on class seniority. u get called to pick a location,one at a time. the number of choices match the number of student. the locations may vary from class to class. a location which could be a yard or a employee facility underground. the instructors will usually help find the track quarters(facility/locker room). Mini picks are temporary job assignments until u get the general pick and ur competing for permenant jobs. general pick involves the entire track dept picking a job based upon thier track seniority number
  7. hey just some observations Track workers talk/gossip about each other like dogs, so it imperative to keep your business to your self as much as you can There may appear to be some equity/equality issues with female track workers.May seem unfair but i guess human nature track school is nothing like on the job favoritism, may appear to be rampant, again human nature in a large organization Senior track men will either help you /educate you with work or do something that appears to be work but really isn't. The point is that unless it favors them, or they just good people, the most senior guys expect u to do more. Transit does not tell you your leave balances or display them on ur pay stub like most government jobs, you have to ask for it from management. Hardest part is carrying tools, avoid countless tripping hazards on track. working under/between train traffic is a lil annoying as well just because you pick a job doesn't mean you will end up doing that. finding your place, is basically finding something productive to do without a foremen specifically telling you do it, it eases peer pressure and annoyances of ur peers- a standing around perception maintenance- a lil everything but mainly plates, rails- changing repairing rails,cleaning =track cleaning, different culture and days off from each other days in the street, is transit terminology for a suspension sick abuse causes alot of probation extensions and failures, avoid any ammunition that a superintendent can build up on you school seniority is based upon ur civil service list number in that specific class RTO and track have a poor relationship, it works to a trackmans favor in reality and reliable Train service should be the most important
  8. some things to keep in mind: pay $21.62 now, increasing 2% January 2016, progressing(roughly 5% per year) to 100%"top pay"of $31.50 after 6years(not including possible future contract increases) there are alot of deductions keep in mind that if u signed up from everything at orientation u will net approx 50% of gross or more for example, mandatory ded- nycers pension($50+ per check), union dues approx ($25+ per check), healthcare retiree deduction($30+ per check), disability($1+ per check), taxes/FICA($300+ per check) optional ded-prudential 401k/457, Supplemental life insurance, Supplemental job disability, charity, political donations Overtime- Canvas "signup", U WILL NOT BE GUARANTEED OT, it's highly inconsistent from work zone and seniority Contract increase- the last increase will be 2% in January 16th for everyone including new hires. further increases beyond prog must be negotiated by union which will be after 2017 night differential- starts at 0.95 cents approx 10pm-6am(could start earlier not sure),Saturdays,Sundays, goes up with wage progression and contract increase Direct Report- optional paid to travel to work location, instead of normal location, typical an 1hr per direction Paid Lunch- optional paid for 1/2 hr lunch if u exceed staying on the tracks or job site over a specific time. specialty/dual rate- paid for job duties for which u bid into and then perform pay sheet- what u sign for normal tour goes to payroll attendance sheet -what u sign for ur time and attendance deviation sheet-sheet for additional pay your entitled to , ie OT The MTA, MTA IG, AND MTA SUPERVISORY AND MANAGERIAL EMPLOYEES and TWU watch this forum(s), be mindful of what u say.Employee or nonemployee
  9. this is correct the senior guys do less work , some substantially, to the point of not touching tracks at all...they volunteer for overtime just much as mid career or rookies
  10. LIST IN 2000 is within two years/ the smart guys pool their money and retire out of state. other guys basically have no choice, high taxes high cost of living forces people to keep on working
  11. just some reminders: senority in class mini pick is based upon list numbers in that group-Not swear in date you will given your general senority number in class Capital shift will not be guaranteed nor should it be expected for mini pick nor are they guaranteed if you have low seniority. put dreams of 80k-100k pay days off for a few years-there are 60+yr old track workers that are not quiting You can be bumped from a capital job or a desirable job by anyone of the thousands of ppl during a general pick which is 1-3yrs they want approvals for dual employment and mta has 8hr rule for safety sensative jobs like tw, which states u must have 8 hr on non work before reporting to work. so if u start at 11pm, ur 2nd job must end btwn 2-3pm. its a ridcolous rule that really limits ur income makng ability in a very expensive city -but because or snitches and other factors plenty of ppl get caught after a while- mta ig catches alot of people, even supervisors based upon "anonymous tip". i was going to get a 2nd job to supplement my income but had to think twice about the hrs
  12. At the interview the HR lady did mention reinstatement rights if an employee wanted to leave. However its all speculation, until that letter. I understand, i left a fed job under poor circumstances, the feds state u have to admit it for 5yrs.However i have admitted it and got a city job and i have gotten a federal job as well and turned down for others..... inyour case, its the fact that HR simply did not tell you in person or give u a hint as to "what this letter" means,; its reasonable to conclude that in either case your wont be moving foward in hiring process as we all would like
  13. the DCAS version is PSB 200, rights to fromer job when moving to a new job; its for permenant appointments
  14. thats irrelvant, just state it in reason for leaving in app and cpd b.... i have stated i was fired as well, they cared more about current litigation, and being physcally qualified for the job.
  15. this is correct, they are be big on drugs, crminals and obvious dishonesty. baring law enforcement, teaching, and fire, govt jobs usually dont focus on petty firings. that because they ae contrained by civil service law when your on the list. they can 1 and 3 you but u can retore your name. even LE has to state why they disqualified you and that can be appealed. The law spefically states the rules of disqual. In the a sense Civil Ser sort of evens the playing field against the well connected or previlage portion of society-in terms of being able to make a decents living
  16. hearing, vision, glucse levels, ekg,heigh weight, pretty much like a real physical , it almost up to military entrance standards...the docr detemines if qualify for the job or not

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