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  1. Has anyone taken the 2nd signal exam recently?
  2. Good afternoon all.. Is there anyone following this thread that is in schoolcar who has NOT received their equipment from 34th street yet?
  3. Ouch! That's not good. I just DM'd you @tprashad0719 Who's your TSS?
  4. Hey @tprasad0719.. Can you give a description on your average day.
  5. Hey good morning all! @tprashad since your class started has there been any tests? How many people started in your class and how many are there now?
  6. Definitely no need to feel embarrasses but I know now that I'm nervous as hell and I'm only done with the medical and drug test!!!
  7. @ralphed007 thank you! Uhm.. I'm a sis not a bro but I get it lol this job is a "man's job" but I've seen plenty of female TO's. My list # is 426*. I'm dinner with the medical now waiting for final processing. Was told I should get a call by the end of this week. I'm just nervous because if I quit my job and make one mistake on the signal test I'm S.O.L and unemployed. Been waiting too long for this... But I'm staying positive and praying lol
  8. Good afternoon all.. Got the call to come in for medical. Can anyone shed light on roughly how long it takes?

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