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  1. Did the drug test today they told me they will call me in 3 days to 90 days how likely will they call?
  2. Hey guys so I just passed my general knowledge and passenger endorsement for the cdl permit is the airbakes required?
  3. Hey guys So my CDL Permit expired two years ago, it was good for 180 days(6 months), and after It could be renewed for an additional 180 days(6months).My problem is that I want to know if I could still renew it being the fact that I never renewed it the second time around after it has been expired for two years, or will I have to do the test over.
  4. So I had two fault accidents this year. Two of which is rear end accidents one of the accidents my car was totaled does this disqualify me? Thanks for your answers guys.
  5. Hey guys what list number are they up too now? And I want to know what is the amount of accidents you can have on your record. Thank you guys
  6. What list # are they up too at the moment
  7. I'm in the 6000 I'm assuming Probaly the next 2 years. What do you guy think ?????
  8. What list number are they up to at the moment
  9. Guy when do you think they will starting calling people with list # 6***I know its far from know but can someone provide a guess or something. Thank you
  10. So just to be clear the A3 restriction is ok when they call you or send you the employment letter. I was gonna take a day off to go get a physical to remove it.
  11. No I'm in the 3*** far from getting called
  12. OK do I have to take the general, airbrake,and passage again
  13. My cdl permit expires in April do I have to take all four tests again
  14. I have a question I have to CDL permit Class B but it says interstate only, is that OK because the dmv say the only I can change it is if I have a medical from mta. Will the mta accept that at first.
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