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  1. The amount of information seems a bit overwhelming but I guess I had that same feeling when I first got the S&D info. Definitely will be studying every second possible for the next 6 weeks.
  2. Hey thanks a lot man. Hey do you remember how much of the Book Of Rules study guide they expected you to know by the time the first class starts? I'm focusing right now on going over the S&D since I am mildly rusty on them. Cool, see you there
  3. Got the call a few days ago that I made it into phase 1, class starts next week. Anyone else hear anything?
  4. Flash cards, you MUST make flash cards. Read, write, recite! It helped me tremendously to write out each definition, when you write it out you tend to find mistakes easier, like writing "it" instead of "is" etc......I would just type them out on my computer for hours on end. How much time are you setting aside to study? I studied 5 to 6 hours every day for that 5 weeks. Do not wait till the last minute to learn new material, have all new material somewhat learned in the first 2 or 3 weeks this way you have a good 2 weeks to just drill it into your head. Good luck!
  5. I really hope they didn't go to a lottery system, all that time waiting, appointments and pressure of studying just to have your name tossed into a hat?! Hey we haven't been told no yet and I think that's a good thing. Hoping all the patience we have had pays off for all of us very soon.
  6. For me, it is a bit unsettling to see another job posting for the locomotive engineer position. One would assume we would hear a yes or no before the next job posting?
  7. They said if I were selected that I could expect to enter Phase 1 sometime in July or August but they did not seem 100% sure of the exact date. Going into the interview I felt that maybe I was going to have a shot at getting into the March class so I was surprised to hear July/August when I asked them. It appears that they have been conducting a lot of S&D tests since I had mine, I can only assume they are trying to get a big pool of candidates or that the failure rate for the S&D test is so high that they are having a hard time getting enough people together to hold the next class. The instructor told us during the overview that only 3 to 4 people will pass an S&D test, I think I had 23 people taking the test with me, so maybe that is why it is taking as long as it is, who knows, just speculating. In the meantime I will just continue to be patient and keep my fingers crossed. Good luck to you.
  8. You appear to be running the same schedule of events as me. I applied last May, Open House in September, Background Check in September, S&D Overview October, S&D test in December and Panel Interview in January. I was told that they are looking to have the next Phase 1 at the end of summer, maybe. If you are not selected to proceed into Phase 1 do you know if they send you a letter, email or phone call?
  9. Yes I had my interview already. I was also told that a class may be held towards the end of the summer. When did you apply for this position?
  10. During your interview, did they happen to mention when they are planning on having the next phase 1 class?
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