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  1. Great timeline, I didn’t think I remembered all the dates but when you put your mind to it, it comes lol. My open house was in April and my interview in June (S&D was in between those months lol). Phase 1 began at the end of September and just took the exam on November 2. Beginning Phase 2 this Wednesday December 11th. Not sure how many classes in the coming year, mostly likely 4 but it depends on the need, but if you passed your S&D, a phase 1 invite should be near. Good luck guys!
  2. It’s truly exciting to think of actually operating trains. I’m so stoked. Thanks man. With hard work, dedication and determination you will get there.
  3. Got the call for phase 2 today. So excited!! We begin next Wednesday. I can’t believe we are here. It feels so good.
  4. Always go with what is given directly to you. Things can change from one class to the next. Don’t rush it, enjoy the time you have now. 😬
  5. Yeah, technically we have the weekend off before hitting the books again to keep everything fresh. First weekend off in 7 weeks!
  6. Likewise @Lirrdream It was quite the journey and it’s just beginning. Congrats again to all that passed! Those waiting on a call, we were told that they will be planning out the future classes soon. I’m guessing most likely beginning of next year. Patience is key, as it has been said before, and then making the most of the time when you get the call.
  7. Phase one consists of 14 students usually, mine was 16 at first and now down to 15. Next class, I believe, will be after we finish. Our exam is on November 2nd. So must likely the next class will be next year. I doubt they do anything throughout the holidays.
  8. Anything can change even from the current Phase 1 class. So just wait until you are given the packet. I would say enjoy the time now reviewing and a little bit of relaxation. I know what it is to be excited and want to get ahead. Don’t rush it lol. We are not exaggerating when we say it is intense.
  9. Overwhelming is the tip of the iceberg. We are beginning to go through the mill now lol.
  10. They give you the packet and review it plus you sign a sheet stating that you understand that the test is verbatim. No surprises, come back for your test on the date given.
  11. I believed you from the beginning and now I’m beginning to see it real time. There is NO cutting corners. One thing you will come to see is that none of the engineers will bullshit you. They tell it like it is and it’s a lot of WORK as you will hear or have heard. Book of Rules is a textbook and you will need to know it. I’m not even halfway through it and I’m stressing. But work at it and it will begin to stick. Everyone is different so you need to learn what works best for you. Listen to your mind and body. Good luck to those going to S&D. Everyday takes studying, don’t cheat yourself.
  12. It went very well. Eye opening for some. Looking forward to the rest of the process. Being randomly called about a definition or indication was daunting at first but when you see it isn’t only yourself that makes a flub and that you are there to learn from each other and support each other, it helps. I think we all are trying to catch-up with rest cause it was such a long day LOL. I know, it’s just the beginning of long days. 🙈
  13. Congrats!! Good to see positive results on here!! And Thank you for the well wishes. Time to bust our butts. See those in Phase 1 tonight.
  14. Congrats!!! Isnt it such a relief and sense of accomplishment?
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