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  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Best of luck. My interview is next week. Looking forward to it.
  2. It has the Q on the face of the app and I guess the color purple.
  3. Thanks @drenyce311 that’s a good clarification.
  4. That is correct Elaine. When one makes it to phase 2 they are employees of LIRR and then will you get a lump sum payment for phase 1. There is a medical and background done between phase 1 and 2.
  5. Congrats! One thing I read on this forum was to begin with definitions. For me, it made everything else easier to learn and, believe it or not, understand it better. Then I tackled signals which I found easier than one would imagine. There are 126 but the names are the same for more than one and a lot of them are pretty similar, at least for me. Indications are very similar from signal to signal. I made associations that allowed me to register it quicker. Thanks for the heads up about phase 1. It gives me a good gauge as to when I could expect to let my employer know I will need to leave a little early on Wednesday’s. I actually began a new job and hope it doesn’t pose a problem. It’s amazing how everything has happened so quickly. But like I said before, if it’s meant to work out, the Lord will make it work. As for what @drenyce311 says about the rule book, if those that passed can do it on their own, we will be able to do it with instruction. No one should be giving up after 5 weeks of intense studying and training. That’s my stand on it. But there has been enough warning about the road getting tougher. So we all should be on the same page as to what to expect and prepare to bust our booties. This opportunity is better than what I’m doing now, although it’s still a state entity, but I will not go without a fight. Good Luck to all on your S&D studying. 3-4 hours daily is good and the Quizlet app helped a lot. Just make sure the definitions are the same as the handout. There can be differences.
  6. Just called LIRR back and received official word that I PASSED!!!! Panel is on June 27!!! What a sigh of relief!!
  7. Appreciate that @Lirrdream and CONGRATS on passing! Good luck on your interview.
  8. I got a call and missed it. Called back and left a message. Now waiting for them to call me back. The suspense might not let me sleep tonight lol.
  9. So they can leave you hanging if you failed?
  10. @Lirrdream I came to a realization yesterday that we can’t stress ourselves on what isn’t in our control. I have read in the forums that no news is good news. We haven’t heard anything so we are good. If we failed we will get a letter in the mail. If we didn’t, we just wait until they are ready for us and call us. It has been mentioned on how some are called within days and others within months. So until we hear otherwise it’s a waiting game now. I believe in God and His plan for each of us, so I trust it will work out the way it should.
  11. Yes, it was mentioned that June was the next phase 1 class.
  12. They don’t contact until they are ready for you to move on to the next step. This is why I said @LIRRrailfan must have been the highest scorer. In the overview the instructor mention how someone might make the June class but it wasn’t guaranteed.
  13. The way I have understood is that those that are being placed for the next phase get notified. So @LIRRrailfan may have been the highest scorer and was notified this quick to move on to the next phase. The other two may wait a little to hear from them.
  14. Wow, only three passed. That is quite something. That is a little nerve wrecking.
  15. So correct. I ran into her on my way out and I said to her I don’t remember hearing that. Were you wearing a hat? And took it off during the test?

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