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  1. Phase one you get the rules book and begin to learn them. You will go over them in portions. As you go through the portions you will be tested on it. You will still be responsible for signals, indications and definitions also. This is why it suggested to keep up with the material. You can study with others if possible but sometimes with everyone juggling jobs and this, it makes it harder. Classroom setting gives you the ability to gauge how you are progressing with learning the material. Unlike the S&D where you are on your own, here you get to ask questions. Being nervous is normal cause it’s going to feel like a lot. Just keep up with it. It’s more memorization but the brain is an amazing muscle when you put it to work.
  2. As should everyone. Phase two is continuing just no classroom settings and tests are on hold at the moment. We are working jobs until further notice. Be safe out there.
  3. Afternoon, I wouldn’t use anything you found on the website. To give you an idea, we are on GO 506 so what you have there is severely outdated. I know it’s hard to hear being your eagerness to learn the material, but you should wait till you are given the material. What they hand to you will be what you are responsible to learn. Unfortunately, from now until you are given the overview things may change. That is the harsh reality. You may study a bunch of information that may become useless in the future. From when I took S&D to now in Phase 2, one definition has been deleted, another added and a couple of them have changed. Not to mention the addition of a whole new section of rules with others edited, revised or eliminated It’s constantly changing and evolving. Even the maps we draw are changing at least once a month. Patience is key in this process, especially in the current time of uncertainty around us. Be safe out there!
  4. Next phase 1 is scheduled to begin around the end of April. Those that are waiting should gear up and begin reviewing if you haven’t done so already.
  5. The last phase 1 class just took their exam. Shouldn’t be too long before they organize the next class.
  6. Whatever works for you. Just don’t put it down. One thing you will learn is how your own mind works. It’s an amazing muscle that can retain a lot of information. Good luck!
  7. Anything can change from one class to the next. As for Quizlet, make your own study set. Do not go by what was previously entered. Go by what the instructor gave you at the overview. That is what you will be graded on. The only thing I can think of with Zone A signals is that they used position light signals before changing them to color signals. Like I said before, go by what you have in the packet. The packet is your “bible” don’t let outside information sway you.
  8. There is a whole formula to calculate a pension but it varies on earnings. Don’t get caught up on that yet. All I can say is the benefits are good and you can earn a very decent living. Focus on getting through S&D and/or Phase 1 and then Phase 2. Plenty to wrap your head around before worrying about pension(s), lol. Good luck to all.
  9. There was a guy older than you in my Phase 1 class. And in the current one there is one that is in his 50s also. So I don’t think it was your age. I wouldn’t look into it too much as you can drive yourself crazy with all the possibilities.
  10. Sorry to hear what happened to you @Alberto. I think you may be the first that I hear was rejected. But I will say that at any step in this process they may choose not to go with someone. Not sure what makes them decide this but passing the tests is not a guarantee. But don’t fret, you can reapply and you at least have a leg up on everyone else. Take it as a learning and how to do better next time.
  11. For us is has been M-F 6:30-2:30 but subject to change depending on the material to be covered. You aren’t in class too long and will be given a schedule to work with engineers on different branches.
  12. Phase 1 is Wed 5:30-9:30 (usually at Hillside) Sat 6:30-2:30 (usually out East-Babylon most likely.) Phase 2 don’t plan on getting any time off. If you are planning anything get the insurance in case you get the call.
  13. Great timeline, I didn’t think I remembered all the dates but when you put your mind to it, it comes lol. My open house was in April and my interview in June (S&D was in between those months lol). Phase 1 began at the end of September and just took the exam on November 2. Beginning Phase 2 this Wednesday December 11th. Not sure how many classes in the coming year, mostly likely 4 but it depends on the need, but if you passed your S&D, a phase 1 invite should be near. Good luck guys!
  14. It’s truly exciting to think of actually operating trains. I’m so stoked. Thanks man. With hard work, dedication and determination you will get there.
  15. Got the call for phase 2 today. So excited!! We begin next Wednesday. I can’t believe we are here. It feels so good.
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