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  1. Would anyone happen to know if a college diploma would be ok in place of a hs diploma?
  2. My list is #4xx (scored 98.75) Thanks for the post with the link! Good luck to everyone & God bless!
  3. Thank you sir! It's been hard for me to find the NOE via google.
  4. Then what does the NOE refer to when it notes the pay amount "after three years"? It seemed to me that top pay was after 3 yrs. - Thank you & God bless.
  5. True, do not fill it out! The instructors will walk you thru. They were very helpful with any questions or concerns. Adorkasherri - I was there today as well (I think I can guess who you are btw).
  6. In terms of the OPA it's def the top portion of the list. They probably have the list but it hasn't been made public yet. So OPA letters are in response to the "unofficial" list which not only goes by final score, but also by ss#
  7. Anyone wondering how the list will be ordered: of course your score comes 1st. then the next variable to decide where you fall is last four of s.s. # - God Bless
  8. I received my OPA letter yesterday to report on Oct. 4th. Got 1 wrong on the exam. -God bless
  9. I found it a little odd, but hey. It's definitely meant to be, that goes without saying. I have two toddlers & my current schedule is ideal for the entire family. Like yourself, I'm doing today what is best for the long term. Cheers!
  10. Congrats to all that passed....the answers that I marked as being least confident in I actually got right & was surprised to see others wrong. In the end I scored a 95 (3 wrong) & plan to embrace the waiting game. GL everyone!
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