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  1. I am from the April 3rd class and my commute to West Farms in the Bronx, Reporting Time usually at 5AM is difficult, so I even went and bought a car this Saturday, just for the long early morning or late night commute. Yesterday, April 3rd Class, was told to report to Zerega today in which we had a Re-Pick. It was for TA ONLY. The PICKS were as follows: (15) Picks for FreshPond Picks for East New York (10) Picks for Grand Avenue and Picks for Flatbush Flatbush picks went Fast and the East NY picks went even Faster. Lol When it was my pick, I was left with the LAST Grand Avenue Pick and the rest was all FreshPond. I told the Superintendents that I needed to be reimbursed for the cost of the car I just purchased, because I bought it for the commute to West Farms. The Superintendents both laughed. LOL I then gratefully picked Fresh Pond and I know there is a GOD. I wanted to complete my one year probation at West Farms. The majority of the drivers are really COOL and some of the Dispatchers were down to earth and helpful. West Farms is an AWESOME Depot, just to far away for me to travel at those times, early in the morning or late at night, when other transportation is limited. (that's why I purchased the car) Now I feel I don't need the car, because I am right here in Brooklyn. LMAO. So if anyone is interested in an economical vehicle, please let me know as I am thinking about selling it. I'm gonna see if it's worth me keeping it and then make my decision in a month or two. FYI - April 3rd Class Graduates next week, Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 I wish Everyone well and please continue to be safe out there and remember to be courteous to your fellow Bus Operator while you're on the road.
  2. I operated the NEW FLYER 2017 WiFi Bus on Friday for about 30 minutes. It is a SMOOTH RIDE. It has the Double Interlock with the brake and accelerator, a great Safety Feature. Now tomorrow I start Line Training out of West Farms and I'm looking forward to putting what I learned in training as well as my defensive driving skills to work as a TA Bus Operator. I want to thank everyone for their support throughout this entire process. It has really been a journey for most of us and all of you have been so helpful on this forum, that I just wanted to let you all know that it is greatly appreciated.
  3. Congrats teegrid67. You got this. like rafael28 said "SAFETY FIRST" Yeah dissa2000. We got a couple lines for the Atric too. Looks fun to operate. I start line training tomorrow out of West Farms.
  4. I am reporting on Monday as per what the Superintendent told us. Superintendent told us to report for on Monday at 8:30AM. Maybe just learning the different buses, like the NOVA and RTS. Not sure. She did mention Line Training.
  5. Hey Everyone. Got GOOD NEWS. I QUALIFIED TODAY ON DAY 9. We had Superintendent Evans. I heard her in my dreams last night saying "SCAN YOUR MIRRORS", "EXECUTE", "PUSH AND PULL", "NOW DRIVE THE BUS". She is ROUGH, but I GREATLY APPRECIATE HER. She really pushed me to the LIMIT and it showed in 1 DAY. Her Knowledge and Experience is PRICELESS. I learned a lot from her and from Supt. Hamlin. He gave me the foundation of the Safe Operation as a Bus Operator and she Reinforced it with her "EXECUTE" anmd "MANEUVER" style. I am TRULY GRATEFUL TODAY. Line Training begins on Monday for me. CONGRATS TO YOU ALL. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, since I qualified today, and start Line Training on Monday at 8:30am, CAN I RESIGN FROM MY JOB NOW?? Please somebody RESPOND ASAP.
  6. Was there any slots for East New York Station?
  7. FutureBOtoTO, I Got my email for Medical the very next week. So be ready, it's coming. LOL. Yes I do have my CDL so I have to pass the Road Test with MTA not DMV. Teegrid67 whats up? Thanks for the encouragement. Day 2 today, I believe were going to the Bronx to do the Pillars.LETS GO. HAVE A SAFE AND BLESSED DAY EVERYONE.
  8. DAY 1 - My day today out of MJ Quill in Manhattan with Supt. Hamlin went well. I have to fix a few things, but let me tell you, he is PRETTY GOOD and knows his stuff. He wants us to focus on scanning 3-5 seconds and maintaining that 4 feet. I did a GREAT Job doing that and I also rode the white line with it in the center of my Steering wheel. I believe he saw I was doing that which allowed me to cover my right side. That was my part of my main focus today. I gotta work a little more on the Push and Pull Technique. Calling out the hazards came to me after awhile and the forward planning he showed us began to come in to practice as well to watch for the changing lights. Got the Mirrors Set-up really well and I got the ALSAPS DOWN PACKED and WORKING ON the Pre-Trip Inspection. I just need more time behind the wheel to practice more of the driving. Overall it was a very Positive and Productive DAY 1 for me. I absorbed a lot from him as he pointed out EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. He's very thorough and I need that to be as SAFE of Bus Operator as possible. I took a lot of notes. Well gotta get offline and finish Chapter 2 for tomorrow and go over PRE-TRIP at least 3 more times tonight before I sleep. Everyone. keep up the GREAT WORK. See yall all on the road soon in passing TOOT-TOOT (from my horn)
  9. Supasaint01, if you don't mind me asking, what part of Brooklyn you coming from?
  10. Tomorrow is Day 0 and I am ready. Congrats to all those that are Qualifying and are doing Line Training. I see you TeeGrid. Keep it up. Lets go everybody. See yall tomorrow in Zerega at 7AM Sharp.
  11. I heard that parking wasn't good at all out there. Luckily I don't drive. I'm coming from Brooklyn as well SupaSaint01. I gotta catch the C train at 5:21AM to get to Zerega on time for 6:50AM I will be up at 4AM Approx Travel Time : 1 hour 39 minutes Map Walk 0.1 miles(2 minutes) East to KINGSTON - THROOP AVS STATION C Take the 207TH ST-INWOOD bound Train departing at 5:21 AM Get off at FULTON ST STATION A/C at 5:34 AM Pay Per Ride Fare : $2.75 - Reduced Fare : $1.35 From FULTON ST STATION 4/5 Take the WOODLAWN bound Train departing at 5:48 AM Arrive at 125TH ST STATION 4/5/6/METRO-NORTH at 6:07 AM Transfer to the PELHAM BAY PARK bound Train departing at 6:07 AM Get off at CASTLE HILL AV STATION 6 at 6:28 AM From CASTLE HILL AVE & WESTCHESTER AVE Take the CASTLE HILL PARK - ZEREGA AVENUE bound BX22 Bus departing at 6:43 AM Get off at CASTLE HILL AVE & VIRGIL PL at 6:50 AM Walk 0.4 miles(8 minutes) East to destination. Total Fare : $2.75 - Reduced Fare : $1.35
  12. Congrats TeeGRid67 on your Line Training. And Congrats to Bklyn Style on finishing your Probation. And thanks FutureBOTo for the "yellow lights are red lights" rule. That is duly noted. Well fellow Bus Operators and Future Bus Operators, the verdict is in. I was fingerprinted today, sworn in, was given my Benefits and Employment Package, Rules and Regs Book, Code of Ethics Book etc. and told to report to Zerega on Monday April 3rd at 7am. I am happy and excited that it's finally happening. Looking forward to learning how to operate and to drive the "MTA WAY" Anyone else on this forum is scheduled for the April 3rd Training?
  13. Hey everyone. Just an update for you all. I finished the Medical today and am going in tomorrow at 7:30am for the eFingerPrinting and to bring the Beneficiary Form in for the 21-pager that I had to complete. Then everything is done. They gave me the Benefits Orientation Package and took my picture for my ID. I signed the documents for the Training beginning on Monday April 3, 2017. It was a very long day, a very productive day and a very accomplished day today. Things are really looking up. CONGRATS to all the Qualifiers like Teegrid67. Will see you all soon.
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