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  1. Hello everyone, Can someone help me out with this question, does anyone knows what the max pay is currently for a T/O I know it starts at 34.xx then raises to 36.xx after school car training but I want to know does it stop there or is there a higher pay scale? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I'm hoping someone could help me out with an answer to this question.... Do you have to have a Class A license to drive those double MTA buses? Has any new driver been assigned to one on their route? Do you get extra pay for driving one of those? Thanks in advance
  3. I have question, if you already have your cdl class b license with all the necessary endorsements do you still have to do the zerenga training? I know you still have to the the 10 day training and pass just wondering
  4. I have a question for those who have their cdl class B permit and did the 7 or 9 day training I'm not exactly sure how long it is. Anyways after that if you had your cdl permit do you get your cdl class B license after that? Thanks in advance
  5. I have a question for those who went through the preemployment process... Do they ask you about your medical history specifically your mental health? I ask this because a few years ago I was labeled bi polar manic depression. I was taking medication for this for a little while but I don't anymore not for a long time now. I always get embarrassed talking about it, but I was just wondering do I have to tell them about it. Thanks in advance
  6. Also Youngnycsubway, I'm sorry to hear you failed the 10-day test, do you actually work for the MTA yet? I see you post on the Conductor thread also, did you take your test yet? if not good luck.. I just took mine on the 9th seems pretty easy. And the way you answer these questions you would think you're at least a 10 year vet on the job
  7. Thanks Youngnycsubway you answered my questions. You're the man, you help everybody with their questions.
  8. Hey guy/gals I've been watching this thread for a long time but now I've decided to post because I'm getting anxious b/c I'm list number 2xx and soon will be called.. I have 2 questions one should be easy for anybody who went through the process and it's Is the drug test and medical the same thing? and the second is for someone in the first 200 that was called which is Did they give yall any time frame on when the training will start? or is there another process you have to go through I know they gave yall the medical and had to fill out the paperwork but what's next after that? just trying to get a time frame in my head on when I'll be working providing I pass the training...Thanks in advance
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