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  1. Exam 8606: Transit Electrical Helper does anyone know thing about this test??

  2. Does anybody know what the MEDICAL exam consist of ? Going in tomorrow for that.
  3. I went in Monday for drug testing, when should I expect to hear back from them? And is it via phone or email? Thanks.
  4. I also went into Livingston today for drug testing and some more dreadful paperwork. Hopefully I hear from them soon. Signal mainitainer trainee.
  5. Good afternoon, About 8 months ago I applied for the transit electrical helper position. Today, I went into 180 Livingston for a safety proficiency assessment, oral comprehension and oral expression exam. I was also fingerprinted and told HR will be in contact with me for further notice. I know it’s very hard to tell, and also a very long waiting process, but does anybody know what to expect next? I am a little confused because I haven’t taken a civil service exam for this. Is that not required for this position? Also, will the hiring process be easier for me considering I am a active Union electrician for the city? Thank you in advance for any help & information. Much appreciated.

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