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  1. Gotta get more documents from court and stuff.. so unorganized at this place.. Will update when I know more but for now just waiting again
  2. Well it was the same thing again. Fill out paper work and pee in a cup. But I got a call yesterday to come in for final processing on Tuesday the 17th. I don't know exactly what it means but i will let you guys know when I do..
  3. Just got called to go down again to Livingston street. Not sure what exactly I will be doing. Prob drug test again. No letter this time tho, got a phone call instead. Will keep the thread updated after Friday.
  4. Well I think the list is good for 4 or 5 years. They just posted it i believe the beginning of last year and they are at 48 so i wouldn't give up. Just try to forget about it and one day u will get a letter in the mail. I will post back if i hear anything else.
  5. Ok I called today. It's the first telephone number you posted. Just let it keep ringing till someone picks up. They told me they are on list number 48. So that means they haven't hired anyone since August. Guess we just keep on waiting.
  6. Any new info out there? I haven't heard anything in a while. Hope everyone is having a safe holiday..
  7. Well I'm #60, and I had to take the drug test twice already with no call back.. prob going to have to take it again being that it expires after 3 months.. I will keep you updated if i hear anything but as of now... nada
  8. Just seeing if there has been any movement up the list? Anyone heard anything yet?
  9. The list was established already so it shouldn't be provisional.. Def check before you quit your current job tho.. just curious.. what was your list number? So we can all see what numbers they are up to, as of now.. best of luck..
  10. Just got my letter also.. Prob gunna be a while before they get down the list from what i hear. only 2 openings about a month ago and Bronx/Manhattan is smaller than Queens/Brooklyn.. ????
  11. Congrats! I hear they say now or never.. but hopefully they give you a week at least.. did they say it was provisional or a permanent position?
  12. I just spoke to someone over there and they told me they only had 2 openings and they filled them this week.. it is provisional so I'm guessing temporary until the official list comes out. Guess we are just gunna have to wait and see whenever that happens.
  13. That's what I thought too.. apparently people are getting letters to start the proccess of paperwork and the drug screening now with their list number on it.. Sounds kind of backwards to me..
  14. I believe the exam nunber is 4104.. no list established yet so I would assume 4 years after the list is released. Not 100% tho..
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