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  1. Yeah I know, they said that. It is really nice.
  2. They told me today, that now we can the Express buses with the regular ID card.
  3. That’s good the list move fast in there, but still I prefer to stay in Qns.
  4. Thank you. That’s what they said about SI, I know is let’s traffic there. I would to do the same, I live in Jamaica too. Okay thanks.
  5. Yes, That’s what they said. That’s a long time waiting.
  6. Yes, I didn’t want to go to SI but I have no choice, I live in Qns but a least I’m on the job, even though I would have to travel to SI for couples months until there is something available in Qns. They didn’t say anything. In my class there was about 75 people most of them TA and couples MTA Bus part time.
  7. We were at Zerega today for the pick and they said they will not be calling people from TA for now. There’s nothing available for us the new class. We were forcing to go to SI and 10 people to Brooklyn, there is no space available even for us.
  8. Thanks +Young+ Hope you made that too soon!
  9. Qualified today at day 7, Thanks God!!!
  10. Just pass medical today, report to Zerega May 14 for the next class.🙏🏻
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