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  1. Also your list number is your seniority number for THE CLASS your in. so if you have the lowest list number out of your class, you have first choice of where you will be assigned for field training (which is in bk and bx) and when training is over and you go on the tracks for good. Remember stay vigilant if you were invited down last month and this month for pre employment. Next class is the 25th for 50 ppl and you want to make that one if you got called in already to start the process . If you feel you will fail the medical, go to your doctor for whatever you think you may fail and have him say "your healthy enough to perform the duties of your title without medication usage" . Ie. If you have high blood pressure or your in a family that does and your unsure, go to your doctor BEFORE transit calls you in to let him know you might fail and that you need his approval. Don't have him give it to you then because they might complain about the date being too far from the medical . Like if you find out on a Monday That you have to go down Wednesday to transit for medical , go see your doctor Monday or Tuesday the LATEST and get that note that way it's dated within the same week as you taking the medical. That goes for any condition you think you might fail from (eyes,hearing,breathing,ekg which is heart monitoring) if you think you'll fail the ekg, you have to get a sonigram and an echocardiogram(I think you just need the echo but both are good to have together) from your doctor , bring copies of those readings PLUS a doctors note saying your healthy enough to work without meds. This may take some time for the sonogram and echo to come from the lab your doctor deals with so I would do this a week or 2 in advance when you THINK you'll be called. Transit normally lets you know you'll be taking a medical exam 2-5 days in advance so that might not be enuff time to get your results from the doctors. If you think that might be the case with any other condition , go a week before you think they will be calling you and get whatever it is cleared from him/her. Worst that can happen is they won't call you the week you think they will and you just ask your doc for the same clearance but with a more updated date closer to your medical exam. Good luck fellas wish we all could get out there but take other exams and score HIGH
  2. It was 4 years to get to $29 but now it's 5 years to go up to $30
  3. Word good luck on that. Yeah I heard capital is ot crazy but no weekends off . I also was told that if you in maintenance and you do ot , it's on your day off . That true? I rather do a double n keep my 2 days off
  4. Did you chose capital or maintence? I think I'm going to go with capital for the ot unless maintness assures me I'll be getting Atleast 1-2 days (16hrs) ot a week
  5. Hey riello I know this is a difficult question to answer but see if you can give a good estimate ; how much overtime hours are you(us) projected to work in a week and/or month if you can give a range like on average 20 hours a month or whatever you think
  6. It says "work clothes" but idk if that's office work or track work lmao but it does say no sneakers or shoes so Ima wear boots and like dickies or work pants and bring like a back up casual fit just in case. My bad it says "work shoes" but it says no sneakers,sandals, and to wear good work shoes. Ima wear boots, collard shirt, and dickie pants. Basically I'm going in there with amateur track worker attire Actually it doesn't say what to wear for orientation. What I just said was for training. But it says if we have questions to call a Charlie Moran so Ima do that
  7. I know they can check if you have pending moving violations/parking tickets the first and/or second time they invite you down but idk about a transit ticket. After the drug test, my brother got a redlight ticket I was unaware of and neither were they because when I came down to do the medical and final processing(which both was the same day) they didn't mention it. I would take care of it Monday if you can because one time I came in (which was the first call to do the application) I had a parking ticket and I couldn't go further with the process untill I paid it.
  8. The seniority # is given off of alphabetical order or age or it's just random?
  9. Good looks JShow31 we deff in there congrats to you as well my guy . Riello how does the choosing of stations go? I heard it goes by seniority but is that by list # ?
  10. They always say "within 90 days" to cover there ass. They really respond to you within 2 weeks , even sooner if there's a class coming up. I had to do the pre employment process about 5 times being that the first I failed the drug, 2nd I failed the medical , 3rd was a vacancy on the title , 4&5 they misplaced my paperwork. Each of those times they gave me the "within 90 days" line and I've been called no later then 2 weeks . Earliest was 3-4 days
  11. Sup guys. I've been watching the replys on this forum for some time and it really helped me so I figure I'll share my hiring process with you guys and hopefully it helps you. My list number is extremely low (won't give exact # being that some of the info I will give will make it obvious to whoever is in the class with me on 9-11) To start : I was called in march of 2015 to start the process but did not respond due to a knee injury I was recovering from. When i fully recovered , I re-instated my list number which took about 3-4 weeks to get called down to Livingston street to start the process I got a letter to come in sept 2016 to start the process. Took the drug urine test and got the results in October that I failed the drug test (tested + for marijuana). I was allowed to go through a substance abuse program(SAP) suggested by MTA. They give you about 3 SAP programs and you chose. The program cost about 600 dollars for 1 day. They just talk about how drugs are bad and things like that. When you finish, they give you a certificate and contact MTA that you completed it , then MTA contacts you to come back down to start the process over. Be advised, the lab associates were surprised that I was given another opportunity to the hiring process . They kept saying I'm lucky and that it's rare for them to invite you back down. It took from 10/16-03/17 which is 5 months , to schedule and make the class for the SAP program . After completing the program , the SAP never sent confirmation to MTA that I completed the program. I had proof via the completion certificate but they still needed the programist to personally confirm which took 2 months because , ofcourse, she was on vacation. Took the 2nd drug in May 2017 which I passed. Next step is the medical/physical exam with the ekg test, blood pressure, hearing and vision, breathing test etc. Failed the ekg test and was put on medical hold. The mta doctors told me what Exactly my personal doctor needed to do/write to clear me. Came back a week later and was cleared but the class was full. MTA clerical associates are very sloppy . Twice has my paperwork been misplaced or not sent to the correct persons to move up on the hiring process. I called in Augusts wondering why I have not been notified in July to come down and complete the hiring process. The lab never sent my drug test results from June 2017 which is why I missed the July class smh Long story short fellas , be consistent with your employement process. I was calling about twice a week when I did not hear anything for 2-3 weeks at a time until my calls sped things up. They will forget about you. I waited one time about 2 months thinking that they're working on my application, then called to find out the status and they said they can't find my paperwork. If you guys don't hear back within 2-3 weeks, call them and inquire about your application or results or whatever it is you did last. Hope this helps
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