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  1. Tell me about it. I aent in numerous applications throughout the years when they would pop up. Took about 4 years to get to this spot. Its why i was wo dering if she was letting me down easy by saying they would notify me when the next step is and that the interviews were veing held for jobs in 2018
  2. Thats a great idea. Ill look into that to see what i have to do. I just sent out an application for retail sales associate at the museum they have there. I'll cross my fingers for that as well
  3. Yeah, im sorry if it was confusing.
  4. No i said i never got her email address, meaning the lady who interviewed me. After the interview she told me to please be patient they will get a hold of me for the next step and that theyre holding interviews for positions in 2018
  5. I wrote just coach cleaner as the post.i have no idea how LIRR got put before it but its for metro north
  6. The interview was for a coach cleaner position for metro north
  7. I have an email from someone that detailed the day of my interview and who would be interviewing me. I did find her on the linkdln thing you wrotw about. Her name xame up in the search engine and when i clicked on her name is said the profile was erased. Weird it showed up in google but when i clicked it, her profile was gone Pardon the spelling errors. Im writing on my phone and the touch screen keyboard is so small
  8. Thank you so much for your help. The job is for Metro North. I have her name but cant seem to find her online.
  9. Thank you so much for the answer,Makes me feel better. I didnt get an email or number or anything like that. That is nice to hear though, so thank you again
  10. It just got me kind of nervous because I was thinking maybe that was a polite way of saying that I didnt get the job
  11. Hey everyone, Im new to this forum. So i just went through the whole process and had my interview and after the interview the 2 people told me to please be patient and that they would get in touch with me and that the interviews were being held for positions in 2018. Do you guys think that was their way of saying i didnt get the job or do you think they actually were being held for 2018?
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