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  1. So after calling all day I finally got through to one of Robinson's managers Ms.Riviera who was as sweet as cherry pie. She explained they're up to list number 2121. Add to that reinstated numbers and I basically may wait a while with list 28xx. Still didn't understand though why the first letter was sent then at all. They really should do a spring cleaning there and get rid of all the Robinson types who add to stress rather than relieve it and I'm sure it'll get better. Wish i had a general eta. Thanks for the support ahwooo. Just wondering what was your hiring experience like? Taken exam, score, wait period, hiring process? I took my track exam 7 years ago with 96 score.
  2. I hear you but it's not an excuse to be unprofessional and unhelpful. Not like I was hounding her or being impolite. Giving information is her job. If she doesn't like it she can quit. I deal with the same level of stress as her day in and day out. But I keep my professionalism even when dealing with stressful people or situations. I don't get rude just cause I'm stressed. Especially when there is legitimacy in my or someone's elses stress. But thank you for the word of support. Cheers
  3. I just called Robinson to find out what the deal was since my Sept. 28th visit ended up with me being told to wait for another letter in a month or so. It's been over 2 months. I called Robinson. She's as nasty as can be. After explaining myself she asks my list number which is 28xx. She says they're up to 21xx. I tried to ask what I'm supposed to do and why was a letter sent to me if I'm 700 numbers ahead and she says "You have a nice day" and hangs up. How can someone this rude work in hr I don't get it. Anyway I've been calling her back and the 29/30/31/32 numbers rotationally pointlessly with no answer. Should I go down there and see what they tell me in person or is that a waste of time? I'm honestly beginning to have second doubts about pursuing this. If this is how they treat you hiring wise, I can imagine how you're treated when employed. Especially with such a hazardous job. I have a good job, maybe not as stable with not as many benefits But no have my pros that mta can't give me. Pretty disappointed as of now.
  4. Thanks for the link to the open data site. This is really great. I found my name and relevant info on it. I'm just not understanding what these numbers mean. The certification numbers and what not. If you can elaborate on their meaning I would really appreciate it. Thank you
  5. No, my first letter I got about 2 weeks ago that came to my parents address where I used to live. However that first letter stated "rescheduled" interview date. As +young+ explained few pages back in the forum it's due to miscommunication between DCAS and MTA regarding the hiring list numbers and what not. Bureaucracy. So I'm now waiting for the second letter. Hope that helps.
  6. Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted since Friday it's been a crazy weekend. But yea I went in on Friday for the track worker interview and was told by a very nice guy named Kevin that they stopped hiring this month for track workers. And that I don't need to get myself back on the list in DCAS, I just need to wait for another letter that's supposed to come through sometime between October 1st and Halloween. So will be waiting on that and giving you an update. Thanks and cheers!
  7. So are we getting turned away this Friday as I'm understanding or not? I went to DCAS and got my address updated. They also told me about 2 different certification numbers that they see so I might get turned away and sent back to DCAS to put myself back on the list as they explained it. Wondering what's gonna happen.
  8. Thanks for this info. Me Robinson usually picks up around 9 30 9 45 am. The number is 347-643-8198. I got through this morning and she basically informed me that if I show up this Friday like my letter said I will be turned away because of the whole list is in the wrong department thing. Read a few pages back you'll understand. I'll probably will still come just to show up so they don't forget about me.
  9. Ok thanks. Hope to have some updates tomorrow.
  10. Did they inform you they restored your name? How long after that they called you in do you remember? I'm looking at the MTA site and there is a track worker 8600 10/6-10/24. I'm guessing the promotion exams are for already MTA employees. I wonder the promotion TO track worker is promoted from what? Just curious.
  11. Yea thats a given ofcourse I will. I just gotta find out how to restore it whom to call to do so. That's if I don't make it this Friday.
  12. Why do you think so just out of curiosity. The 3600 was pretty easy high school level logic stuff. I'm guessing the notice will be up on the MTA website so to keep a lookout for that.
  13. Thanks for the info. I'm gonna try and get more info tom. Let's not fight this is all such a conundrum.
  14. The application period for the 8600 exam? I gotta check and see if they say when they are giving that exam. It's ok this system seems very unsystematic. If it wasn't for the benefits stability and money nobody would probably go here.
  15. Right. That makes sense. Although does that mean I'll wait another 7 years to get an interview for the 8600 test? Given I pass it with flying colors.
  16. I honestly think I probably misunderstood her. I only spent less than 5 minutes talking to her so as not to get her aggravated or anything. But it seems like it's happening Friday. That's why I'm confused about this whole putting me back on the list if I miss this appointment.
  17. Is the 8600 any different from the 3600? I gotta check that out on the mta employment site tomorrow.
  18. That be great. I really want to understand if we're going through the process on Friday or if we will get turned away. And how much more waiting time will be added if I don't make this one. It's really so confusing.
  19. Ok. I wanted to call her tomorrow as well and clarify the 2 year waiting period if i don't show up on Friday. I tried calling in the afternoon but no one picked up.
  20. So you're saying if I show up this Friday as scheduled they'll most likely turn me away at 180 Livingston?
  21. I see. So I got through to Robinson who seemed like the nicest lady. Surprisingly. She told me they are up to the 1600's in their list. I told her I'm out of state and if it's possible to reschedule. That's when she said since I'm in the 283×'s it will be awhile before they get to me so I would just be coming in for a drug test. She said I would have to call once I get back in town and get myself back on the list. I forgot to ask her if I have to call her back or some other number. She mentioned something about 2 years wait if I don't come in this Friday and call back to put myself back on the list. I'm at an impasse, I'm not sure how detrimental not coming in would be but would want to hold off the drug test for a week max. (Embarrasing). Any thoughts? Sorry for double post didn't realize I wasn't replying to you the first time.
  22. I just play games on the phone with headphones so don't think I'll bother anyone. If I show up at 7 30 and the person at the 5th floor tells me to go home, does that mean game over or I'm rescheduledtill next time? I read like the first 10 and last and last 10 pages on this thread which helped although not sure I fully understand the whole who has the list and what not. I never got that initial letter. I only received this rescheduled interview letter that came to my parents house since I had that address back then. You said they check your license now do they check mta tickets or driving tickets? I have a red light ticket for which the hearing is in December. Does that pertain to them? Also I've been calling the 29/30/31/32 numbers since 8 am and me. Robinson's number too and left a voicemail. Do you know a good time to reach them perhaps? Thanks in advance
  23. Thank you so much for the quick and very detailed response. I really appreciate it. So no cell phones huh? In this day and age? lol. But I'm not worried that's the least I worry about. I will most likely come in regardless as I'm afraid to lose out on this. I took this exam probably more than 7 years ago and who knows what happens if I don't come. Being rescheduled would be best case scenario for me. If I get there at 7:30 like the letter states or 5 minutes later give or take will they tell me to go home? Or will I just end up waiting much longer? (i'm fine with waiting, like I said anything to postpone this for a later time is my ultimate goal). Can you tell me what booklet this is? I never received anything like that. Do I need to download it? Or will they give it to me there if I don't bring it in. I will be going to bed don't want to hold you up. But I will be looking out for a reply in the morning if you will give one. Again thanks so much. And have a great night. Cheers!
  24. Hi everyone, This is my first time using a forum like this so hoping to get some answers. I received a letter from the MTA for a "rescheduled interview date" for track worker. I'm scheduled to go to 180 Livingston st. on 9/29/2017 at 7:30 am. My list number is in the 28xx. I have a few questions I'll outline next. 1.) Can I reschedule the interview date for any reasons? (sick, can't leave work, etc.). If I do will I lose my chance of getting this job at the MTA or is there a way to get back on the list again and if so how? 2.) Is the drug test done on the same day or do they schedule it for you? Is it a urine test or a hair follicle test? 3.) Can I postpone the drug test for any reasons? (sick, drank the night prior, etc.) 4.) This is the first ever letter I received from the MTA, yet it states the interview is already "rescheduled". Why is that? 5.) Do I need to bring in my resume and the other docs they ask for the first day or does that come later? 6.) Also can I take a drug test / medical exam at my own expense and bring in the results or do they require to do it through their channels? 7.) What is the exact process of this pre-employment interview from coming in to the building to leaving it? Thanks to all in advance any info is greatly appreciated. Cheers!
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