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  1. So they are in 200’s for April 23rd class? Did you hear this from a reliable source?
  2. Does anyone know what # they are up to for April 23rd class?
  3. What list # are you? I think people in June class would take their medical some time in May
  4. When you say you were told somewhere in the 200’s do you mean for the April 23rd class or for pre-employment? Im low 300’s as well
  5. Im low 300’s and havent gotten anything either, i hooe they even make it that far by June, cus this April class is only 65 people i believe
  6. I wonder what the highest # going in to the April 23rd class will be
  7. There are two classes scheduled for the 22nd?
  8. Around how many people were there with you today?
  9. Can anyone find the drivers license requirements for this position? Thank you
  10. Does anyone know the actual license requirements? I understand you cant have any pending tickets, but how many point as are allowed before you have to postpone your list number?
  11. That's the thing,we only took the test last year, MTA makes people wait minimum 3 years to actually hire, from what I have seen. Its incredible if we would be starting the process right now.
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