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  1. Same here, I was told we should have receive a letter by December.
  2. anyone knows how I could obtain my results for the recent bus operator # 7300 test?
  3. JV, I would take that score because 70 is the passing grade, ( how long after you received that results ?). I wont worry that much because 1/2 of those people will fail the back ground check and another half would fail the 6 week course, so don't worry about it. I also heard it about 3/4 year wait time, so just continue what ever you're doing and just keep checking your mailbox. thanks. Raj.
  4. I read an article where they are opening 21 news bus lines, queens will be benefiting the most . I guess they will be calling very soon.
  5. I think it the city , mta bus is not and they all have different pension agreements.
  6. How you make that happen, that one is actually better than this one.
  7. I answer the questions honestly , I know they wont believe I wasn't late for the last year and I think another question where I should have said co-worker but instead I say supervisor that's because where I work that's how we does it. Lets see what happen because I'm not sure I want this job, quality life is more important to me than money , I know this is not for all but that's just me. However I will wait and make that decision when that time comes. When does the results comes out ? thanks. Raj.
  8. So I did the survey today and realize you couldn't have study for this , its a character / personal survey. I guess there is no same answer for everyone. The guy say the results will be out in 2 months, I would want believe before since its computer score(ing).
  9. lol, name tags. Is anyone studying for this?
  10. Good luck to everyone who's taking the boss survey Monday 23rd, I will see y'all there. I hope we could all get to know each other
  11. you will be working many many ,many hours but will only get pay for 40. good luck.
  12. wait until you have to take the real test with dmv, lol.
  13. Don't get me wrong its a great job but I'm just saying it comes with a big sacrifice. I also have my cdl with b and p.
  14. Guys, It seems like everyone is very excited about working for the mta, I know they have great benefits and pay/ pension. My questions for everyone , does it really worth giving up all your weekends and holiday for god knows how many years/ your social life is basically done and if you have small kids like me I don't know if it really worth it, not being with your kids as the grow up matters for me , I know many might not be in the same boat as me. All of this for a pension and what happens if you don't live for a long time? Just me , worrying if I should really leave my current job ( 11 years in, good pay benefits/ no pension. thanks. Raj.
  15. M, Since you did the boss test before and pass, could you say what its about without revealing too much ? its it common sense questions , easy hard ? I saw many people saying they were upgraded to 7300 so I'm thinking its not a mistake. thanks. Raj.
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