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  1. When 180 calls, you'll do the drug test and medical. They have your information on file already, so you should skip some of the paperwork.
  2. Unless he means people who just got hired off 4700 but took this test as well.
  3. Needed something with a schedule last pick, I was getting whooped working the list over the summer. Worked out tho, because fall pick for express was murder.
  4. You still out here on the island? I spent last pick on the 52 and thought you dipped already. People don't pay, they know there's no consequences. Just like the bail reform. They act like the driver don't exist, they don't know how to open their mouths, no common sense, none of that. But when you tell them about themselves, they either look at you stupid or get mad that you got mad. There should be zero excuse why you walking on the bus after shopping at Gucci at the mall and walking right past the farebox. ZERO Was on the 46, stopped at a red light, two cars between me and the crosswalk where the bus stop was. Bell wasn't rung up to this point. (So the stop is already a done deal) Bell goes off, so I hit the back door. Kid comes from the back of the bus, past the door, to the front, so maybe he wanted the next stop. He hovers over the front, not one word till I roll thru the intersection. "oh wait, I'm getting off here." Long story short, I said my piece, he had that dumb look on his face and he was the only one walking back to his stop.
  5. I mean activating the back doors, (the green light) I don't mean physically opening them. Stop confusing reacting me, lmao
  6. Operators are supposed to unlock the back doors at every stop, even if they're only picking up.
  7. The pick started for Staten Island, Queens and MTA Bus today. It starts on the 19th for the rest of the system.
  8. We still have to correct the system if it spits out wrong information.
  9. Also to let the people who always decide to cross in front the bus (and somehow not get hit.. not that I wish that on anyone but it's stupid), that you're coming.
  10. The Santa Express is a yearly delivery of donated toys collected at the four SI depots to the Kids Against Cancer charity. The union together with KAC, drive the bus around to various hospitals, shelters, etc, giving out the toys to kids in need. The bus went out last Thursday for this year's delivery: https://www.silive.com/news/g66l-2019/12/b39829f21d6633/santas-express-mta-teams-up-with-kids-against-cancer-to-deliver-holiday-gifts-.html
  11. Well, faster service does not mean that operators get a pass to speed up and down the street either. And for the record, supervision has been holding all buses on the M14 to their times, since the busway opened.
  12. Because we're in the business of safety, not yee-hawing up and down the street.
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