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  1. All safety sensitive positions regardless of where they fall on the city or state level are mandated by the feds. When you go down for your pre-employment drug test, you'll see what we mean. Even if MTA does drop the pre-employment drug test for weed, being clean is still going to be a condition of your employment.
  2. Yes, that's correct. Info was pulled from the finalized operator's manual.
  3. I think the older window was a mistake on Nova's part or it was the spec that they were working with at the time. The second 8090 came back with a different fire suppression system and slightly newer engine.
  4. Pick doesn't start till the 28th and it's not finalized yet.
  5. System shortage in June? Whatever gets the Xcelsiors sent to Castleton. 🤷🏾‍♂️😂
  6. "This is S98 to Limited Street George." is by far my favorite. That and the S79 to "SI [yes] Mall."
  7. It's referencing the LIRR station I'm guessing, which I know is a few stops off. They don't proofread these announcements.
  8. It's the engine fans. The fans are driven by belts connected to the engine. So as the engine revs up, so do the fans. Sometimes the fans are stuck on and even in cold weather, they should be operating in normal conditions to keep the engine from overheating.
  9. NY style pizza tho. Miss them with that Chicago.
  10. Rats your best friends on this job
  11. That's what I get when I work out of every depot, even at Meredith where it's all Prevost. "You want a 2400? A lot of the ops hate them." I won't unilaterally say that "the older the better," but the same is true in the reverse. The newer isn't always the best, either.
  12. What position are you applying for? What test did you take? Moved to Transit Employment
  13. I know which one you're talking bout. The swings are too long, that keeping a bus won't be necessary.
  14. Alright, no sweat "Supervisor Apprentice" King Transit. PM me with your last name and pass # Anyone wondering about the real reason, this is the terminal of the M9.

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