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  1. SevenEleven

    The SIM Treatment

    The 4 runs on a 6 minute headway, it's gonna happen. A lot of bus bunching is just from the small headways. I did the 6 on a 3 min headway and I was with my leader the whole way. Nothing I could do.
  2. SevenEleven

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    4 now. The 1-4
  3. SevenEleven

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The majority of the express buses sat over the weekend so the fareboxes didn't get updated, which explains why ops were putting up the old signs. They're working on that rn. Better late than never, I suppose. It's easier work out and moving up in seniority is quick. Make 2 years next month and I'm already seeing weekends off. Kinda hard to give that up for Tues-Wed in Brooklyn.
  4. A lot of buses will not show up on BusTime today because the fareboxes weren't updated to accept the new SIM codes. This will be done by tonight and everything should be up by tomorrow.
  5. SevenEleven

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm staying. I had my transfer back in Jan 2017 but I was already sold on working out here. I moved here and all.
  6. The route is supposed to be left 57th, right 6th, left 59th and turnaround. I do agree that they should had kept their original terminals.
  7. SevenEleven

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    There is someone working express as assigned out of Castleton today.
  8. It's not. The warehouse isn't done yet. They did the schedules but that's bout it.
  9. There's 2-3 WAA and like a bunch of other standby operators that do an extra piece in the AM or PM rush before/after their regular runs. So altogether, we're looking like 10+ standby everyday, on top of the operators who do extra service as well. If it's coordinated properly, it shouldn't be too bad.
  10. SevenEleven

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    TA definitely doesn't want to pay us any extra just to give the buses a more realistic schedule. I remember my Saturday trip on the X1 last year gave me a 10 minute recovery time. It was impossible to be on time when I spent at least 15 of that in traffic at the Gowanus. Then forget about the city. I've gotten there 30 mins after I was supposed to leave and do the trip back. I'm definitely not turning and burning after being in the seat for almost 2 hours. Same thing on the local. Do a S46 trip up from DMV, get 5 mins at the ferry. 5 mins is barely enough time to unload, post trip, park the bus, walk the ramp to the bathroom and come back. If there's no space to park, then there's another 3 mins gone circling around for parking. ---- I'll be braving the Sim6 all of next week. We'll see how it goes.
  11. SevenEleven

    MaBSTOA #4105 Hiring Process

    Nah, whatever depot you pick into, you start and finish there everyday.
  12. What do you mean? These standby runs and pieces are at all the depots (except Meredith), in addition to the extra list runs. They do announce over the radio to stop and pick up the passengers on down buses and they try to get buses swapped out where and when they can.
  13. There are a few runs and pieces that are on standby that basically do what you said. The dispatchers will rotate them along locations on SI and in the city and will give them work, if need be.


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