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  1. They did that during the pandemic and people couldn't comprehend that.
  2. Charleston can fit artics and all the possible artic lines would deadhead using 440 and Korean Vets. That side of Arthur Kill Road is wide.
  3. The run numbering system was changed for the summer pick. It's more or less the same amount of runs.
  4. I think those particular school trippers interline with the 42.
  5. The R179s are out of service indefinitely. Indefinitely meaning not having a defined time period. We use it in place of forever but that's not what it means. The fleet has to be inspected, fixed and cleared for service. Those are the facts. You saying that the fleet may or may not returned based on those two points is your opinion. TA is not going to junk an entire fleet. An opinion is just how you feel about something. Your thoughts are yours but it cannot be passed off as a fact. I'm an admin, that's a fact. Am I a good admin? That's everyone's opinions. Now everyone continue this discussion like grown adults and children because I will be handing out punishments like we're 2. Stop it.
  6. AC Transit has the first order in service already.
  7. Hey everyone, I started a fundraiser for MTA workers who have been affected by COVID-19. Many of us are dealing with losses and are even out of work with no pay. If you can take the time to share this and send some love, it would be greatly appreciated! It's a tough time for us, as well. Everyone stay safe out there! Link: GoFundMe Page SB: This post has been approved by Harry.
  8. Let me put you on to something fam. The very first picture in your vid is mines. I don't mind lending a hand to someone who needs it but I'm not gonna sit here and let you be like "Oh, people don't care for the photos." Not every photo you come across the internet is free to use. Some you actually have to pay or seek permission to use and if not, the owners may want legal action to settle or just outright be a dick and down your vid for copyright infringement. Neither of the two are me, I'm just saying.
  9. Not one credit to the people who actually took those photos. 😂😂
  10. I'm sure everyone involved is hashing out the details. Try back next week and see what's up.
  11. So the zones on the local work like the express, they're divided up by city and county lines. So if you're riding the 10/119, then all of Jersey City is one zone and then Bayonne would be another zone. (JFK/63rd is the zone changeover btw) Therefore, if your trip is 1 zone, the fare is $1.60. If it is a 2 zone, it is $2.55 (or whatever it is, now) The bus passes are good on all the NJT lines for up to how many zones indicated. 2 zones and up I believe are good for the light rail as well. There are however intrastate and interstate bus passes. Horizontally printed passes are intrastate (good wholly in NJ) and interstates are good for NJ and heading to/from NY. If you have a pass, you can always pay the difference in the fare at the box. If you're not going to answer his questions and contribute meaningfully, then please don't post at all. You should know that the only trains in Jersey City are the light rail and PATH, both of which doesn't help his commute to NJCU or Saint Peter's College.
  12. They did only for Saturday. They had service restored by the end of the night.
  13. Dunno how it was for Yukon and Charleston (since it was SI to Tuskegee) but half the buses at Castleton got split up on the way, lmao. I was solo till I got to West Side Highway and caught the two buses ahead of me. From there, we did some stuff, wound up going thru Central Park, went across to 3rd, up to 96th, circled back to Lex, only to find out that we had to go down to Park to access the fuel line. The second trip to Tuskegee that night, we just all freestyled it.
  14. Back in March 2019? I was part of the bus move to Tuskegee that Saturday night but it was Tuskegee ops doing the actual in service trips. Anything before that, nah. Either I was working my regular run or they got bodies for the bus move before I got done.
  15. Nah. I'm an OT guy and this is a one off career opportunity but I'm not exposing myself to COVID anymore than I need to.
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