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  1. Long distance moves are split to two individual moves now. Majority of SI bound transfers go to Quill but now with OMNY, they go wherever the OMNY team is, then they head to SI.
  2. Not even, this is the first stop on the route. BusTime does not track deadheading or otherwise "not in service" buses, until they are on route in service. Non-issue.
  3. The list will be established soon. Just got a call from the Exams Unit that I passed.
  4. The buses get cleaned one time only: overnight Anytime between AM rush and end of service for that bus is on the passengers.
  5. http://www.ttmg.org/insidersguide/new-york-mta-bus-roster-depot/
  6. No, it's all extra service. It won't be published. Good maths. The new Novas are between 11-15K for 4 months of service.
  7. Extra service was added to the S40 last week; will be expanded next week. Bike racks were added to 5 locals (2 previous buses, 3 new), so those buses are supposed to be for the 53/93. (But we already know, how that's gonna go) And mileage is up there for the older 8s. Highest I've seen was 165K. If that keeps up, these buses will have way more miles in another 4 years, than the 7000s have right now.
  8. 1. It depends on the work you can pick. Majority of the time, you'll be picking straight stuff. You'll do your 8 hours (or so) and go home. However, you can wind up working a split shift if you're doing vacation relief or the extra board. You'll definitely have your days off during the week but that can change depending on which depot you work out of and the work you're willing to pick to get weekends off. 2. You'll start at the starting wage from the first day at Zerega. Wage progression is every year on your anniversary date until top pay. It's 6 full years (counting your 'Zero' year) at 5%. (I'll double check the %) Your rate will be adjusted of course when new work contracts with pay raises go in effect.
  9. You'll do the pre employment paperwork but they will tell you to come back when you have your permit.
  10. After the 10 day training, you're working everyday Monday to Friday. If you're not in class, you're line training. Sometime after graduation, they will have you on your own.
  11. Just for future reference, if you have a moving violation that puts you over the 4 point threshold, try to postpone the hearing date as much as you can, maybe get a lawyer involved and work towards getting the points reduced or eliminated completely. It'll set you back from being hired but if you get convicted over the threshold, MTA is just gonna say wait out the 18 months anyways. Definitely a typo.
  12. Cowards? Wow. My passengers have insults that hurt marginally more than that.
  13. The 5000s were also built before Bombardier tanked tho
  14. Ahhh. I've been hearing mixed things about that. Go see the general dispatcher at the depot. They can tell you your Probation End date from UTS. Go see the union as well.
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