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  1. SevenEleven

    MTA Bus F/T B/O Exam # 7300

    They need bodies everywhere, especially with the L train shutdown 4 months away.
  2. SevenEleven

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    That went to Grand too. So B38 and Q58 to Grand B48, 57, 60 to Fresh Pond.
  3. SevenEleven

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    The 43 is staying but FP is giving up their half of the 38 for the 57 & 60. The system pick(ing) is over, so any of the BK/BX/M ops can tell you what's going on.
  4. SevenEleven

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    They're known to do a lot of batch processing of list numbers so there's sometimes a huge variation of who's getting called and for when. Like I tell everyone, go to 180 in person, if you can. It's time out of your day, but they can definitely pinpoint what's going on with your process and advise you. If they know for a fact that they skipped you by mistake, they will tell you come in at any time to get caught up. Again, time from your day but slow movement is better than none.
  5. SevenEleven

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Right now, the only bonafide depot for the shuttle is Quill, since they're actually getting buses for the M14 SBS. We will know for sure when the April system pick is finalized in the coming months. In January, the M35 is going to be split between Quill and Hale.
  6. SevenEleven

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    You are subject to randoms everyday that you show up to work. I had a classmate get sent for a random after one of the first days of express bus training. You'll definitely get your lunch during training. They're not going to leave you high and dry, everyday. You have to understand that you could have failed your drug test right there and then for flushing. Idk if she told you directly not to flush the toilet but there is at least something around that you see, that instructs you NOT to do so. If you do that in the future, they're just going to fail you straight up.
  7. SevenEleven

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Also, I think the nozzles are different between the two.
  8. SevenEleven

    New Stuff

    The M66/M72 has runs that start off and end with reliefs, so they won't stick them there until the majority of the operators are trained on the bus.
  9. SevenEleven

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    Email examsunit@nyct.com with your name and updated information.
  10. SevenEleven

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    They went with the 280hp rated engine instead of the 330 rated one. They're beautiful on the local streets but they suck on any sort of incline. Those 2200s are all I try to drive when I work out of Charleston.
  11. SevenEleven

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    The highest I've seen was 503K on 2836 and that was like 3 weeks ago.
  12. SevenEleven

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Thought my days of homework were done. 😭 Also, all of Castleton's buses have Michelin, local and express.
  13. SevenEleven

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Nah. NJT uses the same tires on their buses and they still blowing us out the water on the turnpike.
  14. SevenEleven

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    It's not even that, you can't add service of any kind, just out of thin air. Just like how they're hiring bus operators like crazy, they're gonna need the additional buses to run the regular service, on top of the shuttle.
  15. SevenEleven

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Flatbush is still getting those 10.


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