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  1. Double list numbers?

    Your list # for 7300 is completely separate from your # for 7304. You will still be considered for both the part time and full time positions; the letter is just saying that you don't have to take the BOSS exam again. You will get the same exact letter later on for exam 7612.
  2. MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    Accident last week http://www.silive.com/westshore/index.ssf/2017/10/cops_baby_suffered_minor_injur.html
  3. MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    8126 is gone, waiting a tow to Eastchester.
  4. Bus Operator (TA) Exam 4600

    Once you pay the ticket, it will show on your abstract. You have to deal with it either way but before it's settled, you won't be able to continue the employment process... Cell phone is also a 5 point ticket so if guilty, you're out for consideration for a while.
  5. There's going to be a lot of traffic until they clear the toll booths. If they're clearing them like they did for the Verrazano (took 1 day), then the traffic should clear up throughout the week.
  6. C/R Exam # 6601 (Open-Competitive)

    I would at least try it out. It's not for everyone but you can't knock it until you try it. It's a hard adjustment in the beginning but I feel that it's worth it. Aside from the pension, you get the benefits, retirement plans, etc. I'm in Buses as an operator, just made it through my first year and I love it. To give a quick run-down (for me): -10 paid holidays (+ your bday after 1yr) -10 vacation days after first year, 20 days after third year, 25 days after 15th year -OT everywhere (I'm in SI and I can call the dispatcher at the ferry for any extra work or they call me if something pops up) -The ability to save overtime for a day off (8 hrs of OT becomes a day off) -1 personal day You're not going to be making the base 80 hour salary during your first year, so don't use that as a comparison of how much money you're going to pull in. During line training and being on the extra list, I was seeing some 100+ hour pay periods. (And this isn't 100 hours of physically working)
  7. Where do 1 and 2 trip metrocards come from?

    Hospitals and clinics give out these 1 and 2 trip Metrocards. And yes, the functional difference is that these cards will give you a transfer. Single Ride cards are just one ride and done, as they get eaten by the farebox like tansfers.
  8. MTA Bus Operations: Repainted/Wrapped Buses

    4019 repainted, no SBS wrap
  9. Bus Announcement

    Definitely exit. The acoustics for the buses will always make it sound as if it's different words, tones, volume, etc.
  10. The leaderboard is the stat list of users with the most posts, highest reputation count, etc. The old app (Tapatalk) is NOT compatible with this version of IP.Board. The mobile version of the site is pretty functional. I have this issue as well. We're working on it.
  11. What things are you looking for? A lot was rearranged into different menus.
  12. This happens on mobile as well, @Harry. (Yes you can tag people now) You would have to go to the first page in the thread and then go through each page until you reach the last one. It may be because everything is still rebuilding or maybe all users need a "Mark as Read" forum-wide.
  13. Bus Operator (TA) Exam 4600

    Yes. The fingerprint fee comes out of your first paycheck.
  14. You don't have to slow all the way down to 25 per se but don't go blazing through the plaza either. It's still a construction zone. The cops will pull you over and they've been no nonsense since cashless tolling started.


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