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  1. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://abc7ny.com/traffic/dozen-metro-north-conductor-candidates-accused-in-cheating-scandal/152111/&ved=2ahUKEwiU9ey067LhAhVNVd8KHalQDYsQFjABegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw0wdNCGNjS4a8_MIcO_t7-2 Mta
  2. Don't do it. The MTA let go of a whole class because it was rumored that the questions to a test were leaked and some people were cheating. So they let go of everyone.
  3. I think because sworn in and hired my be different. It could be when given date and going in first day could be different.
  4. Yes. You have to get mta approval before you do that. It was in the new hire paperwork
  5. Under 17 you are good. Bmi sounds good too. For me was hearing . Have to go get an independent test.
  6. Although I can relate with the 3 PE's, I went in this week for the medical. I was put on medical hold, I was pissed too, but I have some things to take care of. Even with that, I am happy for anyone who has waited yrs to be sworn in. They give the rest hope that one day soon, it will be their turn. So they are not rubbing it, they are CELEBRATING, and sharing it with the rest of us who have been on the same journey.
  7. Was put on medical hold because of hearing test. Was there aboit 5hrs. Have to go back with a doctor note
  8. Does anyone know. At the medical, do I have to take another drug test? It took all day last time.
  9. Nice congrats see you there thurs. Lol.
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