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  1. I hoe your right.....I'm only providing information the MTA emailed me
  2. i just got an email from the MTA about station agent 6600. They are in the process of going through the education of those who took the test. There will be no list put out until 2019. I'm very sad today
  3. good news in the papers...there hiring355 ppl
  4. i'm a big fan of our MTA....like where else can you go for under 3 dollars in the world...On the that note...26,000 ppl have paid money to compete to be on the MTA team.....there must be jobs we can fill to ease the the constant complaints from paying international and local riders....we will do any job to make the mta better then hong kong or toronto. put us to work will work hard for you you joe l, and gov g
  5. i'm like what i am hearing...is this a temp job...the full time job with union benefits are note being offered yet
  6. ugh, the wait and pain continues....beat me feet with a bat
  7. good luck in the dec class,,,,,,keep us posted if you can
  8. how many questions wrong on 6600.....good luck nov 6th happy for ya
  9. i did not get my list number in the mail but some have
  10. happy monday to all my station agent exam 6600....anynews?
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