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  1. Have anybody gotten there test date yet? My wife applied for it and haven't gotten it yet? And is there a customer service number to call to check if they received your application??
  2. just lefted one depot on to the next for lin training these people are crazy in si lol
  3. today went good.. did another run...thanx guys for the support
  4. first day went great did the early s66 route not bad at all..had to skip a run cause i was running slow on the first and second but i caught up..had a cool instructor thought me a few tricks..
  5. ok guys i picked si castleton depot i start fri was the only kid in the class that wanted si.. heard i might run out of yukon to tho sometimes... so whatever im happy im in si tho
  6. ok guys got fitted for uniform today tommorrow depot pick..praying i can get on si..most of the class wanna go to q.v fresh pond and bx depots so im looking good i heard only castle and yukon will be a pick tho if there on there ..i guess they dont hire for the other 2 its just transfers only.. and wats this with this if u go to si you get cheaper pay 2 bucks cheaper the union guy said ??? weird.. still saving on that vz tho so i dont care lol
  7. ok guys i passed day 7 drove the hybrid for 2 days, had the twu 100 meeting today,benefits and all im here just wanna thank you guys for your help. tommorrow i think is depot pick and uniform sizing...
  8. havent been on in a while day 7 tommorrow for me..wish me luck..
  9. Doing my booklet for mta with the job info and all does pending cell phone and seatbelt tickets affect me at the mta? I have 2 but they pending..?? And with the conviction part i got arrested when i was 14 do ii gotta tell mta about that in the booklet????
  10. Ok got the call physical thurs wish me luck guys...
  11. ok guys just got back everthing went good did urine and give my paperwork in next is my physical i believe wish me luck....
  12. Thanx and yes its not worth working all them hours and yes i have my cdl a with p endos..and my list is 4089
  13. do you know how much top pay is? and how long to achieve it?

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