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  1. @G13. Thx. Much appreciated. What is an MOW ??
  2. What exactly is a “pick” and a “mini picks?” Also what bank does the MTA payroll ?
  3. Wow!!! Is there a list of approved footwear ? How often are you issued a new pair ?
  4. Are the issued footwear mandatory or can you purchase your own ?
  5. Thx @SteveNYC. Got it. Hope I don’t get assigned to far from WTC or Penn station. I’m commuting from NJ.
  6. 😳. Is there anything that I can read or study be my class starts to get a head start ? My class starts next month
  7. Does anyone know if the track worker class is full for Nov 27th ? I went for my physical and 2nd drug test the other day. I hope I can make it in to that class
  8. Thx guys. Heading down there now. We’ll see
  9. Thank you all. I’m definitely going tomorrow or Tuesday
  10. Ok. I guess I’ll be going down there this week at some point. I just check and I took my drug test on 8/30/17. I got a letter stating that I should receive an email in 3 weeks on 10/17/17. Is that class that starts on 11/27 full yet ?
  11. Other than DCAS is there another number to call ? I’m currently in a training program with NJ Transit and can’t take any days off.
  12. What list number are they up to ? Mine is between 2000 & 2100. I already did the drug test a month or two ago. Just waiting for the email now
  13. I hope my number comes up soon. I’m in 20xx’s
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