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  1. What's the final exam like after the three weeks of training
  2. Call them and let them know you got another ticket
  3. Fyi the if you got the 8 inch boots and feel a little uncomfortable. I went and bought some gel insoles. The 8 inch boots come with double soles I replace the top one cause it was like a brick and keep the bottom green one and put the new soles on top extremely comfortable now
  4. I hope there's a hurricane in may. That o.t. talk is a turn on
  5. Today was fun started out at 130 livingston then had to walk over to 195 mantgue because I guess they doing 1st day there now. Pretty nice walk to get the blood flowing. Now that I'm home I go to do my first log in on the my mta portal and my first password didn't work so I got locked out so I know my boots won't be to school till Thursday. Hopefully I can order them tomorrow to get them then.
  6. Just a question sure some will find this out or all ready know mta is overtime after 40 or after 8
  7. For day 1 and day 2 of reporting how long is the transit orientation and how long is the union orientation . Pretty much my question is. Is this a 8 to 4 day?
  8. A little late but my list number is 19** I start monday the 23rd with the 1st orientation never received a letter or email aftermyn1st drug test. Back in September. Was reaching out for months beyond the 3 to 90 days finally got something that said I was a no show for November . Had to reinstate with dcas when I found out in February. Recieved a email to come in to do it all over and I pretty much did my 1st drug test over again got a call back 2 days later for medical. Spent about 6 hours there I was 2nd in the line. Passed my medical took my picture got my books start on monday. Everything was done within 3 weeks
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