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  1. The class pick is by seniority. It goes by the list number that was on the letter MTA sent you.
  2. I finally got the conditional offer e-mail! I have to go on February 5th to do final processing and class starts on March 12! I honestly was beginning to think this was never going to happen.
  3. It was really quick, I was out before 11am
  4. I just got back from the MTA. It was pretty much a second drug test and that was all. They went over the paperwork I filled out the first time I was there, they made copies of my IDs and HS diploma, gave me a couple of more things to fill out and sign, and then the urine test, went back to the first person in the back again she made me fill out one more paper and that was it. Now I'm really confused!
  5. The number I got that day was in the 190s. I'll call tomorrow and ask about the money order. I hope everyone that's still waiting get called too, would love to start class with someone from this forum.
  6. She mentioned the documents that I have to bring, but did not mention the money order others have said I need to bring... Do I just bring it or will they tell me to get one when I'm there?
  7. I just got a call from the MTA saying to go in on Wednesday @7:30am! They said I'm being considered for the class starting on February 5th! Anyone else get that call? I'm so excited!
  8. I still haven't heard anything either. I know people say you have to be patient, but I was really hoping to be in the December class; right now I just want final processing to be done! The one girl that did get call in for final processing so quickly was because she was originally called to go in for the drug test in September, I think she had to pay some parking tickets and when she went back in October she was probably process faster.
  9. Hi everyone, I also took the Station Agent exam back in November 2015. According to the proposed answer key I got 4 wrong. I got a letter to go in on October 31 for the pre-interview and now I'm just trying ti be patient until they call for final processing. This us the first city exam I've ever taken and I don't understand how they are determining who they are reaching out to, I've read on this thread that others have also gotten only 4 wrong too and haven't been contacted.
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