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  1. I don't approve of the new turnstiles being added to MTA because what's the difference I mean but seriously did they have to change the MetroCard's again
  2. Wow I thought Metro North was better than LIRR but I guess not.So basically the Long Island Railroad has all the construction and accidents and Metro North Railroad has all the false train time and shared tracks.I mean I'm not saying that any of the railroads are bad it's just that it's starting to be true.
  3. LIRR still has about 4 M1's left and around 146 M3's left but that's only because the first few M9 railcars hasn't been delivered to LIRR yet so they kept some of there older railcars.But the M1 and M3 will be forever missed.
  4. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siemens_Charger Can't they request to order some Siemens SC-44's to increase the diesel fleet.LIRR has 46 diesels.They can at least add a few more to the mix to accommodate more people on the non-electrified lines. The SC-44'S are really pretty and they can stop faster than the the DE30AC/DM30AC.
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