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  1. East New York

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    A swing bus is just for depot use, operator transport, or swing location bus. 4934 and 5000 are now “Swing Buses” out of ENY. In additional I need everyone to read my last post in random thought.
  2. East New York

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    I need everyone to go read my last post in random thoughts immediately.
  3. East New York

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    As Cait said I’m general artics, should not be out in the snow. However there is a VERY little known fact that I will point out for the first time. New Flyer artics have 10 tires. Nova artics have 8 which provides for a much smoother ride and this will over all make the bus last longer. However, you couldn’t pay me to drive one in the snow. The center axel had 1 tire on each side that is wider than a standard tire. This automatically reduces traction to near 0. On turns, pulling in and out of stops is going to disable these twice as fast as a New Flyer which has a lot more rubber trying to contact the pavement. Boy If you don’t sit your ass down somewhere! Like really? I’ve had it. You are getting out of hand, and what you are doing is considered slander. You are speaking on something which you know nothing of. Prelim reports say the frame is fine. Excuse my language again everyone, but no one asked for your damn non-factor ass OPINION. I however am a mechanic, Transit Consultant, bus owner and business owner. Leave this shit to us professionals please. You don’t even need to comment other than an apology to Novabus and APTA. How dare you. And in the words of the MTA, “It is under investigation.” Carry on and again, excuse my language but I’m done being nice and politically correct. Final warning. Suspension is next. And you will NOT be notified. As far as 9505 I’m sick and tired of those rumors too. Stop with the assumptions people. You all are NOT reading either. I commented on 5477 and 9505 in more than one thread. Who TF started the rumor it was totaled???? I’ve have pics forever, as in from the moment it happened. Several angles, day and night. I just decided to watch, read, take notes, to look at you people make shit up. It stops NOW!
  4. East New York

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    9500-9504 are all Allison pilot buses, and 9505-9509 are all BAE Systems pilot buses. Negative. The damage to 5477 is much more extensive than that of 9505. I don’t know where these widespread rumors about this bus have come about. The bus has minor damage. 5477 has major damage and is pending a frame inspection to determine its fate. As it appears the frame is not bent This is correct. 5249 is the last RTS Model designation T80-206 ever built. I’ve actually mentioned several times over the last decade that it would one day become a museum bus. I’ve been waiting about 20 years for this day as I knew it would happen before MTA did. The actually didn’t know it was the last -206 ever until I notified them of this some years back.
  5. East New York

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    1 Road Call! Lol. Never seen An XD40 on Church Avenue. Wasn’t it 2 passengers on the bus, the Chinese bus operator, and a pedestrian that died? They still make parts and electronic systems for planes. They power the F-35 lightening as well. The BAE Systems hybrid is made based off turbine engine technology and design philosophy.
  6. East New York

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    5477 is not completely destroyed for one. It's a Nova, built in modules exactly like the RTS. As of right now it appears that the frame is in tact, and it will return to service at some point. Even if the frame is not in tact, the entire front section of the bus can be replaced. There were no fatalities as well, so the bus should return to service after a bit of work. My prelim reports show about 14 artics that are damaged, many of them having the articulated joints ripped open. We had a few bus-on-bus accidents including a pair of brand new 2018 LFS'. One slid into the other on a turn and they hit each other at the artic joint. All I can say is thank God it's Saturday. The shops are full from ZA to EC to GA and EN with pending repairs. That wasn't a major accident. I have a couple pics. A 2015 XD40 ran into the back of it. It should be out of the shop in short order. However, it may take a bit of time for it to come back because New Flyer will have to either repair it themselves, or supervise the repair of the bus because it is still under warranty. BAE will probably want to take a look at it as well seeing as this is a pilot fleet. NOTE TO ALL: BAE is pronounced like B.A.E. I've heard quite a few people calling the company BAE (pronounced "Bay") like a term of endearment. It's British Aerospace Engineering to be exact.
  7. East New York

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    By the way, there was no time to prep for the storm as the actual accumulation was more than predicted. That’s why you didn’t see chains out like normal and by the time the forecast changed it was too late to put them on. There are quite a few buses that were damaged. Mainly artics, and many of them actually Novas. Lots of articulated sections are ripped or damaged. Yesterday was a complete transit disaster.
  8. East New York

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    They actually do have split shifts. One of my friends actually has an express split out of BP, and another out of CP.
  9. East New York

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Other than what was mentioned by VG8, the main reason is limited service has become obsolete at this point and it no longer fits in the MTA business plan. Eventually, SBS will slow down as MTA introduces all-door-boarding for the entire fleet. In the meanwhile any new service or significant changes to a LTD route will result in SBS service. The main reasons are to reduce dwell times. In short, there would be no point in starting new limited routes in this day and age, as any and all new limited and high capacity routes will be SBS and in the future it won’t even make a difference because all-door boarding will be introduced. Huh??? Lack of an HVAC? (Heating Ventalation and Cooling) That’s illegal for one, and all transit buses as well as any on road vehicles for that matter come with an HVAC. Where on Earth would you get an idea like that? I will check the full C40 specs and mods for the entire production run and see if anything pops out. We are the only agency in the world with 3rd gen New Flyer low floors, and they did play with the specs a bit. The 570+ numbered buses were originally supposed to be Orion VII’s as well and it was an emergency production add in. Because these are 3rd Gen buses however, they are almost identical “operationally” to the XN40’s. What’s the big deal fellas? Nothing is new here and this is a regular order cycle. Why issue an emergency RFP when the express RFP already went out? The decision has already been made on the next express buses and it will be made public in less than 6 months. There are 32 really old MCI’s, and then there are the 3000 series buses which are up for retirement now anyway. It’s handled. 😉 Sounds like a hole or leak in the turbocharged, or the turbocharger could be going bad. What bus was this? And OMG is disgusting in the back!!! 🤢 Originally yes, however now there will probably still be some used when needed and probably during the winter. We will have at least 132 brand new buses that will be used solely for the shuttle. There are only supposed to be 25 RTS’ remaining by the end of next year.
  10. East New York

    Select Bus Service Planning

    I was never actually said to be permanent. It was still in the planning phase. MTA will evaluate as time progresses. 14th Street will also close to motor vehicle traffic as well to accommodate the M14A, M14D, and M14SBS routes. as far as the launch, it was originally April, and now it is set for January. That's why I told you all when I created this thread that things would not all be the way that they appeared, or what was written in black and white. They also said no new SBS, yet I was told that meant "no new SBS for Queens" anytime soon.
  11. East New York

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes but if the walker cannot be closed, then that is another issue. I’m am pretty sure they all close now though....
  12. East New York

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    That’s a sticky situation. Drivers have been assaulted and even killed over demanding fare on multiple occasions. It’s not their jobs to demand anything actually. With strollers that’s a differ thing. It’s about common courtesy.
  13. East New York

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    It’s actually be back up there for about a week now. Its time for the production models to undergo final design, and I am being told this one (0011) is being used for audit purposes and modification. This means it could essentially be sort of a “blueprint” or audit bus for the production XE40 order as we all as the XE60 order of this is in fact correct. Either way, it is also time to get into the next phase of this electric test and evaluation program. About halfway through, Quill and GA were supposed to swap fleets. However, due to the current issues, the fact that the halfway point passed, as well as the way this has all played out, I don’t see it happening. We have to see what this means for the program as a whole, because if MTA decides to continue with the current timeline and guidelines, they will be awarding by June. According to my data knowledge, that would be for New Flyer, as Proterra would still have to qualify or prove that they can qualify before we begin to take delivery of production models at the end of next year and early 2020. Because of this, I see options being attached to the end of this next 40 foot electric order. If MTA were to base this solely off logistics, best value and commonality, its going to be 100% New Flyer. Award for the XE60 is now pending and due within the next 90 days or so unless the schedule slips.
  14. East New York

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Not sure if it was mentioned either, but it is true. We are testing those signs out as well. As of right now the only approved default manufacturer is Hanover. They were approved as an official MTA spec after the successful install on the 4800’s and the ‘99 build RTS’ retrofit. Luminator is now testing again via the Proterra buses, as they were disqualified after the issues with the color signs on the LFSA’s and 7000 series XD40’s.
  15. East New York

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    16 and 17 are still OOS, 18 and 19 are in service, and 20 is at Proterra. It was borrowed from Grand just to cover service. It went back promptly.


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