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  1. It’s that time!!!! The all new Insider Guide @ TTMG is live and in effect! Myself along with @The Real have relaunched the iconic TTMG blog with a new flavor! You are are not ready for this! Standby for a string of exclusives, the way only we can do it! The roster has also been merged into the new platform as seen linked above! The Original Administrators are back!!! Welcome to the next gen of “Real news!” The new TTMG. “We Know Transit” Lets go!!!! http://ttmg.org/insidersguide
  2. I sent you a message @ followENY@gmail.com let me know that you received it.

  3. Shoot me a message at followENY@gmail.com I would ask anyone who wants to follow me and this next major chapter in transit. Again I want to thank everyone. My inbox is “full” and I’m ready to make my public announcement. Effective immediately, I will be teaming up with @The Real to create an all new transit information platform that will be unrivaled anywhere in America. This blog will have the original transit enthusiast flare of TTMG, with a new fun way to introduce what’s going on within the industry. Remember the good old days of ENY’s NYCTF Breaking News Exclusives? Well expect that again, and even better! Combined, @The Real and @East New York know ever corner of the transit industry from top to bottom. I have consulted with every major component supplier, transit equipment manufacturing firm, and 47 of the top 100 transit agencies!! I do have receipts and references if anyone need them. So that was my big announcement. Yes, I am coming out of retirement within the next few days. I would again like to thank everyone who co tiniest to support, and I feel like I owe it to some of you to continue what I do, and advocate for better transit for the employees and customers alike. That being said, this will be my final post at NYCTF. If you be placed on the email list for information and invitation to the launch of the new blog, or to just get in contact with me in general, Please shoot me an email at followENY@gmail.com Anyone who recently sent me a PM, please email me there, tell me who you are and what your NYCTF handle is is you have one. I really look forward to this next chapter and want to again thank you all! Its definitely time for a Transit Media outlet for a “Fast Forward” Era. As MTA and other agencies around the country move to new technology, and old buses die, its time 2 of the greatest transit bloggers officially join forces. I mean let’s be honest, who’s gonna provide more accurate information on Transit than @The Real or Myself? Now together under one platform, will be a seamless experience that none of us are used to! I’m excited! I hope you all will join us! With all the new buses coming in and projects planned, you are are going to want to keep up! Bronx and Queens Bus redesigns are among the first topics. Again, please direct any comments, questions, concerns, and blog inquiries to followENY@gmail.com and don’t forget to let me know who you are! Everyone’s welcome!! -ENY out!
  4. I want to thank all of you for the overwhelming support from here and throughout social media. In light of that, and by popular demand I have decided to come out of my ever so brief retirement. I didn’t realize how many people actually still wanted me around. That being said, I have a MAJOR post coming soon that’s going to knock all your socks off!!!!! Stay Tuned! East New York is about to light it like I once did! Y’all are NOT gonna be ready for this one!!! 😁🔥
  5. Says you can't receive messages, so shoot me a PM if you can. 

  6. Good afternoon fellas! After a long hard decision, I have decided to retire from NYCTF for multiple reasons. I’ve been extremely busy lately, and have a business to tend to. I will try to comment here and there and help out with information when and if I can. It’s been a great 11 years, and I want to thank everyone who helped and contributed to making this place what it is today. I did say long ago that I would retire when the RTS did. I guess that time has finally come!
  7. That’s off the table until buses are available. Seeing as FB’s assignment was reduced, those 14-15 buses will have to remain on the 46+ until buses come back from Bus Company.
  8. Flatbush units are all going to the Bronx now. Of course we need a mobile command center, and always will for emergency reasons. No they shouldn’t. We talked about this 100 times. All SBS service will be with will be new buses. Period. Actually DOB did rush to retire the OG CNG’s. Originally they were going to be repowered and retanked. I totally agree with the rest though. Give or take. CP/SC/WF do however have 100% standard CNG fleets. Anything else is loaners with the exception of WF these days. Original plans were for WF to be 100% CNG a few years back when they converted CP to all CNG. The future is all-Electric now.
  9. It may and likely will remain in local scheme. Not all of these are for SBS. Still at NFI
  10. Not until next year. Correct. EN will eventually come into the fold as well with the B15 and B82+. The 4700’s have been slated for Brooklyn for quite some time now. This again is in accordance to fleet uniformity. There’s no reason Grand should gets LFSA’s since we are supposed to be sticking to the current plan. Why do they have to wait? ENY already has an allotment that’s been planned for quite sometime. EN was the first planned depot ever for the 4700’s in Brooklyn after leaving the Bronx. Thats not going to happen unless the contract is modified. The infrastructure is at Quill and we aren’t getting any addition in-route chargers until the leased ones are returned. At that point they could theoretically go anywhere as long as MTA orders some for another location. Trial period? Not sure what you are talking about. These are production buses that are going to Quill. 1 or 2 of them will travel throughout all 5 boroughs completing cycle and route testing. Every depot with an artic or pending artic ops will get a visit.
  11. Yes the 4700’s were always bound for Brooklyn due to Fleet uniformity. The timeline however has changed 19 times. GA was under review for arrive and LFSA’s just doesn’t make any sense at all. If the plan is to move them from Brooklyn anyway, why in the hell they would go to Grand was beyond me. Looks like we are back to what things should be. As I said 3 years ago, I expect every last 4700 series bus to end up in BK.
  12. Quill doesn’t feel that it really matters, and because of their mostly optic ops, it’s much easier to use what’s next on the run line, and as mentioned about they are loosing buses now to WF, and I’m being told some will go to FB when they get new XD60’s
  13. In addition to the above, Quill has no problem running SBS buses on the line, so that isn’t even a factor for them. Even saw one on the M14 yesterday. Ive been on the M35 many times, most were crush loaded artic runs. There is a lot going on but as @Cait Sith said it’s quite obvious that many people are just looking at maps. There’s lots of traffic out to the island and little do you all know everyone fare beaters are of all classes. From professionals to other employees that work at various places on the island. Not just the homeless. Hell they will even put in change most times while someone who’s working at the homeless shelter they go to get in the back.
  14. Here and there a few of the hybrids that roofline ads that don’t have the Hybrid titles. No it’s not a mistake, the newer CNG’s now have the new L9N NZ. Essentially is the exact same engine as the standard L9 now, only optimized for gas.
  15. We have several conflicting stories about these mystery XD40’s, and I should have details soon. We don’t have any more options and the only order possibly pending is for MTA Bus. Is this is expedited then it would make sense, however it’s not adding up right now. Deployment hasn’t changed as of today, yet a mystery 7851-7905 are officially registers as pending. Interestingly enough they show as 2018’s whereas and the batch before those are listed as 2019’s.
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