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  1. Well Im in the 520s and I'm one of the last folks in the June class. If you want a barometer of where they at
  2. Got back from day 1 of training. Long day. Not looking forward to waking up so early tomorrow. These early mornings kick my ass. Very informative day though
  3. Anybody who went on Friday also having trouble ordering the shoes? I cant even create an account ...
  4. So what are we to wear Monday? Is it business casual again? Or do we have to immediately adhere to the clothing rule in that green packet?
  5. That would definitely explain it. Thank you
  6. Finally got back from medical. Will be starting Monday. So excited. Today was a super long day. IT didnt help that I didnt eat and that I started feeling constipated around noon. Excited about the next step. Quick question. Did anybody do finger prints? I just got home and looked in my bag and saw that money order the email asked for. Totally forgot about it
  7. Going in for medical tomorrow morning. I got a call from a Olha from HR, who said that there are still spots for Monday. I was kinda shocked but I said I'll definitely be there
  8. Relaxing at happy hour and what pops up on my phone. An email for medical for Friday.
  9. Question. So I took the drug test on April 5. The lady said its good up to 90 days. 90 days from April 5 would be July 5. Its looking like the June class will be a dud for me. I hear the July class is July 9. What happens on the 5 of July? Would I have to retake the drug test and thus slow down the process ? My list is in the 520s. Would someone with a lower number like the 600s who took the drug test after me jump in front of me?
  10. I am in the 520s. 1300 may be awhile you right ...
  11. Maybe they'll have one Friday too. If not July it is.
  12. Congrats to you guys who got emails for medical! I wont be holding my breath about getting one lol. I already figured I'll be in July
  13. Im in the exact same predicament. Low 500s. Ive pretty much given up on the June class, even though thats the one I really wanted
  14. This is all kinda confusing . The June class is a little over a month away and from the sound of it doesnt sound too full. But then again we still have folks with log numbers in the 400s (500 for me) who have already taken drug test and are waiting for medical emails.
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