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  1. If you get violations for driving what does it actually mean? A certain amount you get suspended?
  2. Terminator still there i had him and i passed he ok just aint as Lenient as the others
  3. You def right!! And the dmv test people are not there to try to fail you they cool
  4. Yea you need your permit not sure when next class is tho but you def have to have that permit or they gonna make you leave and comeback
  5. Hahaha thats the s79 for ya! Lol alot of trips no layover lol i see u n quill lol
  6. If its easy to take public take it... you have to go early only thing is right now its no school so its alil better but if they say come at 7 gotta be there looking for parking by 5:45 at least
  7. one step at a time lol u going too fast but they have a list of certain depots that need ppl at the time u pick... but alot of stuff to do b4 then...
  8. If its sealed then you dont have to... you need to fill out that packet by time they call u back
  9. They will contact 3-4 business days usually
  10. They will contact you like 3-4 business days
  11. They usually call in 3 business days
  12. You should be able to renew it. But if not then just do it over just go there and ask..
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