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  1. I did 2 drug test one back in Sept 15 the second Feb 15 and just got that letter today. When i read up the rule they say something about picking 1 of 3 people called or some b.s. along that line
  2. Got a letter today stating i was considered and not selected to the open competitive under rule 4.7.1 of the rule and regulations. Any chances I can ever get this overturned ?
  3. Well just a random thought, if there was a class that started Feb 26 and another one starting march 12. Two weeks apart. I'm hoping the next one starts march 26 which should hopefully land me in there with wishful thinking, my number is 258*. Keep hope alive folks.
  4. Hey everyone ,I'm a little concerned nowI took the drug test on the 15th and did not get a call or email. My list is 258* which is lower than queensqueen. Any one has any ideas why I would not get the call back yet. Also i got the "false letter back in sept and did the drug test back then as well.
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