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  1. Has anyone out here heard of any dates they plan to start hiring in 2020 for T.O's?
  2. I heard there's 3 Train Operator classes that just started and that they're all A division. Is that right? No B division?
  3. My TSS had no idea. I guess I'll find out when I get back
  4. I was injured during schoolcar after passing my prep for customer service practical and brake pipe rupture. I'll be out 6 weeks. I missed the last week of class. What will happen when I get back? My class is ahead of me and there no class I can jump into as far as I know. What will transit do with me?
  5. It looks like they're calling in 2000 to hire 200. Is that right? Obviously they need to call in more then they hire but what happens to those they don't get hired? If they call in the first 2000, does that mean on the next round of hiring they'll start at 2001?
  6. I'm at 56** so itll be awhile before I get called even for the OPA
  7. I'm 56**. In your estimation, how long do you think it'll take before we are called?
  8. I got 93.75, #56**. Will I get called? Any idea how long it will take?

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