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  1. I got the clearance from my doctor . Lungs are fine just seems like I blow slightly lower than the norm . Taking my paperwork back on Friday Aug 3rd to see if they clear me from medical hold .
  2. I got put on medical hold because of that stupid lung test . She had me do it 4 times and twice she kept saying stop I'm not blowing right etc , all the while never said that they record them . So needless to say I got a 62% and they say 75% reading is passing . I have to go get one from my doctor and a chest x-ray to show there's no damage . Sucks , I think she didn't let me do the spirometer test the right way . I asked the doctor to retake it and he declined saying I did it 4 times , and I'm like she stopped me twice etc . OH well , I got a few days to try and get a test done and submit my doctors report clearing me to do the job with no restrictions . SUCKS !
  3. I got put on medical hold ! That stupid spirometer did me in . She did it 4 times , but twice she made me stop in the middle and kept saying I'm blowing wrong . SMH The doctor tells me to go get a lung x-ray and get another spirometer from my doctor . SUCKS ! I believe I can pass , it said I got a 62% and minimum is 75% . I told the doctor let me do it again and he declined . Oh well . . .
  4. Yo G , how many people are in the initial class ? After they told you what section you are in ( Signals or Power ) , did you have a choice of what division you are working in ? ( as in elevator/escalator , telephone , sewage , etc )
  5. Yo Bro , Did you get an invite for Wednesday yet ? ! 🤔
  6. Hope Everybody Filled Out Their Big Booklet , Went To DMV and Obtained An Abstract ( In Case You Need To Explain Them Tickets ) , Got All Your Documents and I.D.'s , YOUR BLUE INK PENS , #2 Pencils , Black Ink Pens , Court Documents If You Were Ever Arrested or Issued A Summons ( Not sure if you need it , I got a ticket for drinking a beer couple years ago ) . Hope To See Everyone Bright And Early Wednesday Morning .✌️
  7. Yo GerardL , How many seats are in the class ?
  8. Alrighty ! All we need now is for Shop to get the invite .
  9. Hopefully they'll call you today . It was a Brooklyn number that called me ,confirmed my email and then she sent the email .
  10. Yo Shopwitvel , Who U piss off ? They hating on ya ? 😜 I hope you wasn't 💨
  11. Yeah I just got one as well . May 16 for the next step in processing , I think it's the medical and class is June 18th
  12. I already started the process for NYCT for Electrical Helper/Signals . I was saying Metro-North sent me an invite to test for Signal Trainee today .
  13. I took a lil nap just now , woke up , and lo and behold, an email from Metro-North for Signal Trainee Position . They sent me an invitation to come test for the job !
  14. I seen they were trying to hire Power Cable Maintainers ( Provisional ) . Do you know if they called anyone for that title ? I applied for that position as well as Electrical Helper/Signals , but Power pays more money to start and they only called me for Elec. Helper . I'll take what I can get just to get in .
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