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  1. Everything is verbatim. There may be 1 or 2 fill ins or multiple choice but u will still have to know everything verbatim. Theres alot of rules that u cant explain without knowing it verbatim. A rules examiner will just mark it wrong. Some rules are almost in a different language 🤨
  2. After the test they will grade them. They will either call you to sign paperwork about not being able to take S&D for a year or call you into a room to explain the next step which is the basic skills class.
  3. I dont see why that would affect u. as long as u pass the medical and have all of your paperwork from the doctors
  4. Medical is a simple physical and agility test. For the interview just make sure u know the full job description of what a block operator does. The job is good so far. Some days are easy and some days are stressful but everyday is a new day. Just listen to the mentors and people training u and dont be a know it all. Job security is fine. We will all be in Jamaica central control eventually and the goal is to qualify as a dispatcher. Operator position will be gone eventually.
  5. Everybody who passes S&D will be in the basic skills class...after the class is over hr will start background check and medical
  6. For LIRR you would have to be a block operator/train director and then be qualified on group 3 positions in 204 before being able to qualify on group 2 positions (dispatcher)
  7. The S&D test should be 35 definitions and 15 signals. 3 weeks to study I believe 72 defs and around 40 signals. Not all signals like AC or engineer. Same definitions though. No interview on test day. 2 weeks of basic skills class after the test
  8. I'm sure everyone does. Once u receive that and the medical you are basically hired as long as everything goes well 😁
  9. Background check was first then medical
  10. Depends which tower we're working. The 4 block towers have less traffic than the director towers. I've been in queens tower for a few weeks. Its pretty busy but we have to post the 4 block towers before we get to post the director towers. So with time comes experience. Just have to stay on your toes!
  11. I was told 2 weeks ago that they're hiring 8 more Block Operators. I looked at the roster and the hire dates are mostly April and August so maybe something soon for u guys...BTW half of us aren't posting yet. Just observing at director towers
  12. Yea. All 8 were from basic skills
  13. The other 3 guys all passed today. I think Linda may have said sometime between August and October. I'm not sure tho
  14. Out of 8, 5 of us passed. The other 3 are re-taking the book of rules final tomorrow.
  15. I guess so. Hopefully there is another one this year. Keep studying and keep applying.
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