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  1. wstone17

    LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    I guess so. Hopefully there is another one this year. Keep studying and keep applying.
  2. wstone17

    LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    I just looked in my emails...looks like I received the site for the background check on March 16th. About a month before the class. Seems right cuz my coworker just received his the other day for asst conductor and his class is in like 5-6 weeks
  3. wstone17

    LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    Did you do a background check with sterling? Maybe they really only chose 8 people. Other 4 will be on a list.
  4. wstone17

    LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    I only saw 1 other guy at the medical office. He was leaving as I was filling out paperwork. Did u receive an offer of employment? I got an email with one after basic skills class. I wasn' sure if all 12 were getting one or only 8 of us. I was offered employment as long as I passed the interview, medical exam and completed paperwork.
  5. wstone17

    LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    Thanks! I also had my interview on 3/28 and saw 2 other guys there. At the medical I saw 1 other. I went Tuesday but couldn't pass the vision so I had to get glasses. I passed the next day.
  6. wstone17

    LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    1st part is with a physical therapist...climb into and out of a simulated train. Walk over a bench, on tracks and 3 steps on a 2x4. Simple 2nd part is with a nurse. Height weight BP vision and hearing 3rd part is with a doctor. Check your heart, lungs, check for hernias, reflexes and make sure you have no back/shoulder injuries. I might be forgetting some but I think that was it.
  7. wstone17

    LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    I just had my medical exam Wednesday of this week. I gave my job notice yesterday. Start date is April 18th 😀😀


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