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  1. I believe they called up to low 1300s. The April 1 class seems to be made up of the 1100s to low 1300s.
  2. I’m in the April 1 class, question I have is do we have to wear the unofficial uniform when we report to 130 Livingston? Or is it business attire ?
  3. Just got sworn in today as well. 13xxs. Good luck to you all and hope to see others April 1!
  4. Hopefully it’s no big deal. Was it the regular beep type hearing test?
  5. What did you do during medical and how long were you there?
  6. Wow that’s great news, I’m in the 13** so getting closer. Hope it isn’t all day but if so it’ll pay off in the end. Good luck!
  7. You’re going for medical on Monday?
  8. I went in November so it’s only been less than 3 months. Hopefully it’s a good thing.
  9. Just got pre employment letter for Feb 6. This is my third time going for PE, has anyone done it this much??? I’m in the 13XXs
  10. Anyone know if additional classes have been announced ?
  11. Just did my second PE today. There’s a class set for December 30, projecting 50 for that class. No info on future plans
  12. For what day? Are they asking you to fill out packet again??
  13. A friend of mine was in the April class. He said that you don’t do another drug test, just blood, vision, ekg, etc.
  14. I did one in May, which will expire in a few days. After 90 days we should be given another appt.
  15. Did they give a time table? Or did they mention why it was sent?
  16. True, but they’ve only put about 120 through two classes and they’re at upper 500s on list number, so you never know. I’m right in the same boat with you. 🤞🏼
  17. I think it may be sooner so long as they have classes every month. Wishful thinking
  18. I’m low 1300s myself and that’s not what I expected. I’m hoping it’s sooner
  19. Sucks. I don’t think it makes sense to do it over and I wouldn’t. Maybe they’ll have you do medical since you’re already there.
  20. Is it telling you to bring all the docs again?
  21. Strange... How long ago did you do it?

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