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  1. From what I understand this was the last class.... They hired like 1500 ppl within that time
  2. Lol thanks to everyone breaking the news that for the mask fittings.. we gotta cut our beards.... #baldbaby alert lol... That hurts fellas
  3. What's going on guys.. the time is coming. Orientation is next week I'm hoping regular clothing would be ok. For the guys working do we get paid every week or bi weekly. Happy mother's day to all the women in y'all families
  4. Ok I'll wait a few days.. ok cool man see u then. Congrats on getting the job
  5. Lol no they didn't make me write a number down 40 times... But if figured it was that number... I guess I gotta wait to register bc it doesn't let me create the account
  6. Ok good I wasn't sure I guess I'll get a breakdown of everything at orientation.. hey guys where do I find my BSC number? I need it to create the account for the boots
  7. Nic eman so day 1 of the class was good and orientation went well...? So In regards to the MetroCard everyone.... Does that count for on and off the clock? And what about the express bus.. does it apply. I have an Express bus near me that if I end up in the city can take to work
  8. Nice. So what were your day/ night and off day options for the mini picks?
  9. I just realized that I got a money order from Western Union.. I noticed in the email it said postal money order.... Does that matter? Or are they gonna bust my balls
  10. Thanks for all the help and info guys. You guys have been much help. Oh... What are your off days like?
  11. Good afternoon to everyone. Congrats on the people who start Monday. So I go in for medical Tuesday. It was pretty quick on them getting back to me. It's looking like I'm gonna be in the next class. So I live on the far end tip of the Bronx.. and the school I see is near Coney island.. so for people on here.. is there parking around the school... Either way travel by train I don't wanna get stuck and driving not finding a spot.... What have you guys done?
  12. Ok great thanks for the info I'm sorting through the threads now for all other info*
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