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  1. Nothing happens u just get ur probation extended for the time ur out someone in my class was pregnant and gave birth like 1 -2 months after we came out of class she just had Her probation extended
  2. What’s the last number made permanent exactly if anyone here knows
  3. Same thing happened to me I just went the next business day and they asked me if I could stay and do everything
  4. Everyone currently working as provisional did don’t worry it was sent in error I called and spoke with someone the next letter we get is once the list is established they looked up the info said someone sent out a mass email by mistake
  5. From the 2nd to 3rd check u should see direct deposit make sure online u have it all set up too in my MTA
  6. Hello are there specific colors you have to wear during the training blue shirt black pants or just business causal
  7. Oh really ok cool I will cross my fingers ! Hopefully everyone is in the hundreds
  8. Oh ok cool mine was 55 so hopefully I will be first or close lol
  9. Yea I figured that my kids r bigger so it’s not really an issue I’m just curious as to how they determine who in th the class picks first
  10. Lol that ok my main concern is the schedule being given
  11. Hey I’m starting the may 14 th class do they allow you to pick if you want to be a wayfinder or station agent or are u just assigned
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