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  1. It’s not that serious get there 5:30 you will park NP
  2. As long as they are not pending , they usually disregard anything past 3 years but you should still list it regardless . You don’t want any surprises .
  3. I know there is an August class coming up basically if you aren’t called / email by end of July you’ll most likely be pushed to another class when ever that may be ...I went on the 13th and received an email today to go in for medical Thursday . Hope this helps be patient they will get to you . (Prior to this I was there back in May )
  4. Can anyone give me a list of good depots in BK and Queens .... also TA is Brooklyn and Queens correct ? Im 1 step away, just want to be prepared . Thanks
  5. Good to know thanks a lot , let’s see what happens on the 13th Friday the 13th at that lol
  6. Sorry I meant I received the violation in 2015 (3 years ago)
  7. Question which may be difficult to answer , I’m going in for pre employment (again) I last went it may I had a pending ticket which was pending since June 2015 , the convicted me July 2018 (6points) being that I got the violation in 2018 following the 18month rule will this still count against me ? .
  8. Yeah I did medical in May , just received a letter but it’s the same letter I received in May , I already did the medical , so when I go in I hope I don’t have to do it all over again 😩😩
  9. Oh ok nice I hope I e d up in Jamaica when they decide to call me in
  10. How long did they call u after drug test
  11. Yeah I know I was just wondering if they haven’t called within that first week if it’s a bad sign . Thanks
  12. If they don’t call or email within 3 days do they pretty much move on ?
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