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  1. I was lucky...got A like I wanted...B filled up quick and like 3 or 4 didn’t get a pick
  2. Most everyone today picked B...so the last few people didn’t get to pick and went to A
  3. Got passes...picked divisions...40 to B, 20 to A...that was our morning.
  4. History of Diabetes requires a form from MTA to be filled out by your Dr. and ALL lab results for 6 months (1 year worth is better). This is what got me on hold back in January. My sleep apnea and CPAP usage did not require a form, just documentation.
  5. Appointed today for 6/10 start! List number 852
  6. I’m 852 and going for my 2nd medical tomorrow. I cleared medical hold back in January and got stuck due to hiring freeze...
  7. I think it’s 18 inches...can’t remember
  8. 85x...see you Thursday morning!
  9. Also...anyone going in for P/E and filled out the paperwork that was emailed...it is the old form and they will make you redo it. If the first page of P/E application says they require 10 year work history, it is the old form. The newest form will come in the mail. I had to redo mine listing each employer since I graduated HS in 1990...
  10. Only thing he told us today was 60 to be hired for 6/11 start
  11. same phone number for my call... 646-663-5740
  12. Just got an email, phone call, and text to come in for PE #3...Wednesday 5/15
  13. Topic switch! Cleared medical hold in January, not appointed due to 1/28 class being filled while I was on hold...any ideas if I need to go through medical again or just the whiz quiz? My name was re-instated with DCAS and I did receive the confirmation from them. I e-mailed this question to the higher ups and have not received a response yet...
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