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  1. list in the 2,4XX's any idea when they'll get to me ?
  2. when does the list go public ?? been wanting to check for a long time now..
  3. oh wow. People in 900's got their pre employment. Thats good news. Maybe they'll reach 2400's by next year this same time?
  4. Ugh.. My list number is 2400's.. I think I have to wait like 2 years maybe 3..
  5. Anyone have an idea of when they will get to list number 2,400's range? or if they will even reach that range.
  6. Jeez.. so you only had 3 wrong out of 60.. I had 6 wrong out of 60.. and 3 wrong (5 points) is that much of a difference lol. Ouch. Well I guess I'll just have to wait. Thanks.
  7. Hey guys! I'm New to the forum. I just received my list number. It is in the 2400's.. Can anyone tell me if i will eventually get called? And if so, How long will I have to wait? Thanks for the help. I scored a 90% on the exam btw.
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