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  1. I was trying to figure out if I was jumping the gun because orientation paper states acceptable uniform for the “first day”. But thanks for all the info.
  2. Does anyone know the process in ordering uniforms ? I ordered the boots already but can’t access BSC. Do we wait for the first day to order ?
  3. Congrats and I honestly can’t say what would get you placed on medical hold but I’ve witnessed a family friend put on medical hold for saying they drink alcohol “occasionally”. They were placed in a program for 3-6 months I think (not sure how long) and then resumed hiring process so just be mindful of how you answer certain questions.
  4. Went in for PE 5/17 and medical 7/06
  5. So I got officially hired for TO position on Friday (List number 3**) Also asked a couple questions and the August class isn’t filled yet so look out for emails. They were doing a lot of medicals but I only noticed about a handful of people finalizing for TO.
  6. Maybe the July class filled? ...idk just an assumption because I know after medical once you pass that you sign your oath the same day.
  7. So you went for medical and didn’t sign your oath ? Were you placed on medical hold?
  8. Just received medical email to report 7/06 for class starting August 13th ...List number 3**
  9. List number 35x ...Still waiting for medical email ...went for pre-employment 5/17 ...Spoke to Ms. Vargas today and she said they’re still clearing medicals in the 200s.
  10. Fingers crossed 🤞 we’ll hear something this week ...I’ll keep an update
  11. Anyone receive email for medical that attended pre-employment on 5/17 ...still waiting ...list number 3**
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