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  1. yes i did. so you are saying that even though i scored exceptionally on this test, and met all of the other requirements, it was still always a random 33.3% chance that id be hired? lol that is the most ridiculous rule ive ever heard. is there some legal action i can take?
  2. does anyone know what rule 4.7.1 of the rules and regulations in accordance to the personnel director actually means? i tried to speak with people on the phone but couldnt get an answer
  3. yes I have, over 6 years ago, but that would be strange because i know of several people who have been terminated from city jobs in the past who are currently employed with the mta. they were terminated for much worse reasons than i was such as DUI, drugs, etc. you would think hiring a person that was previously terminated from a city job for a DUI would be much worse... but if thats the reason then i guess there is nothing i can do about it but move on.
  4. Yea thats why i am fearing that i may have been DQed for this position. and i have never failed a drug test in my life nor do i take any drugs, so it cant be that either. its very strange
  5. I spoke with someone at 180 livingston regarding my P/E earlier this month. I hadnt heard anything back and was never invited back for a medical despite my high list number. She told me that a letter had been sent out in the mail and i should receive it in 1-2 weeks. 1 thing that concerns me is that from what ive seen based on this forum, most of you who get called seem to have received an email and not a snail mail letter. this leads me to believe that i have NOT been accepted for a december 17th class and that the letter is probably bad news. also the timing doesnt seem to line up since i havent even gone for a medical yet or heard anything since my P/E. i have a feeling i have been reviewed and not considered for this position. does anyone have any comments? does this seem like the normal process for a person who is being considered? it all seems very odd to me and i fear the worst.
  6. my apologies. im just frustrated. you are right and as soon as the snow clears a bit im going to head down there and see whats up.
  7. Do any of you read? I have every single one of you beat list wise. in fact, ive never seen a person with a higher number than me on this entire forum and ive read almost every page. i did my first PE back in may, and my 2nd one earlier this month. ive still yet to be called. if you sit back and wait thinking there is some sort of "justice" or fair play here, then you are wrong. this is an entirely random/biased process from my experience. you are not guaranteed to get called just because you have a certain list number that you think is low. trust me, i have you beat and im still sitting here waiting to get called. and oh yeah, ive never failed a drug test in my life nor do i have any convictions/legal issue or anything preventing me from getting the call. there is some seriously shady sh*t going down at 180 livingston. its all politics.
  8. the last time i called i was given the run around, placed on hold, and had my time wasted. but i will try again. do you have a direct number to her? if not i will just go down there sometime this week and speak to someone in person.
  9. Then that would make me the unluckiest person alive seeing as how this exact process happened to me twice (once back in may, once now). Either that or the MTA hiring crew are a bunch of f*ck ups. lastly, maybe there really is some biased hiring agenda, but id rather not get into that topic.
  10. i tried that many times both in may/now and i just get one big circle jerk. put on hold, transferred to another department, more holding, transferred back to the original department, put on hold again, etc. nobody knows and nobody is helpful
  11. I did get called for another drug test! I went earlier this month for my 2nd p/e. My point is that even with a high list number (below the 250 range!), I STILL have not been called! its a joke...someone is messing up, the process is completely random, or there is some sort of bias agenda in the selection process. i cant think of any other reasons why i havent been called yet. and my background is clean (never failed a drug test, no convictions or legal issues, etc.) seeing these people with double, triple, and even quadruple my list number getting called is frustrating to say the least. im not mad at anyone for getting called, good for all of you! im mad at the MTA though. one thing for certain is that your score and list number means jack sh*t throughout this process. this is very unfair. i had to go through this back in may and now again.
  12. Sorry but this post is BS. I know you meant well when you wrote it and I dont mean to attack you, but you are wrong. The fact is that my list number is somewhere between 1-250 (being careful with my identity). Yes you read that correctly, under 250. And this has been my 2nd P/E without a call back (first one was in may). Telling people to sit back and be patient and wait for their list number is a load of BS. What I learned about the MTA throughout this whole process is that getting selected is either a) it is completely random, b) there are fools working there who jumble the list numbers around/make mistakes, or c) there are more nefarious reasons on who gets selected which I will not get into. The only thing I can tell you about me personally is that I dont do drugs and have never failed a drug test, and I am also currently employed at a reputable company. so me not getting selected has nothing to do with my background. A person like me and with a VERY high list number should have been called months ago and the fact that I have still not received anything debunks your theory about "being patient". This "hiring" process has been nothing short of a disrespectful mess. I would imagine there are other people like me with high list numbers who have been skipped over due to 1 of the reasons i gave above and its not fair to any of us.
  13. I never heard anything back from them since my PE back in May. I've never failed a drug test in my life, I don't do any drugs or take any medications. No reason to believe I would have failed and even if I did hypothetically speaking, I'm sure they would have told me by now. There is something else at play here and it smells fishy to me.
  14. Still bullshit that I haven't even been called for medical yet with a 2xx list number. Starting to think there are certain "quotas" that need to be met and certain people are getting skipped over. If you have a better theory then I'd love to hear it.
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