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  1. For T/O they sent me a letter saying "I was considered, but no longer considered". The letter had a list of potential reasons with a checkbox next to all of them. None of the boxes were checked off except for the one that said "other". For T/C they haven't sent me anything. Last time I heard from them was 7/28 when I received an email packet to fill out. I filled out all my info and sent it back the same day. Never heard anything since and I'm seeing people in the 2000 range who started Sept 7th which means I've been skipped once again. Going to see if there is some kind of legal action I can take.
  2. I guess, if that's what they wanna call it. They also skipped me for train operator back in 2018 despite my list number being in the low hundred range out of 10,000+. Wish there was some legal action I could take because this isn't right and I don't buy the 1 in 3 rule excuse.
  3. I'm in the 19xx range and was skipped as well. Very unfair and very disappointed. I thought this was a civil service exam with fair hiring based on how well you score on the exam? I never even got a chance to take the medical or drug test in case anyone out there accuses me of failing those. My overall record is spotless as well.
  4. Congrats to the people who have been hired, but I noticed I have a higher list number than some of you. It makes me wonder why I wasn't called and was skipped over for no apparent reason. My record is clean, I'm healthy, and I don't do drugs. I was never even invited back to pre-orientation for the opportunity to take a drug test/medical. My question is, is that it for me? If they have begun hiring people who were behind me on the list, does that mean I've been skipped and that my chances are officially done? Or is there still a chance they just do things slightly out of order, and that I can still get in the next class? Seems very unfair and unprofessional...
  5. Congrats to all the people who may be starting the job on 9/7. My question is what are your list numbers? You don't have to give the exact 4 digit number, but can I at least get an estimate (19xx? 194x? 195x?). I myself am somewhere around the 2000 range and want to see how long it could take. Also, is there any word on a class beyond September 7th?
  6. Good luck! May I ask what your list number is?
  7. Not yet. But they are up to the mid 1900s on the list. That's what they told me before blatantly hanging up on me like they do to anyone who calls.
  8. If the MTA is not planning on hiring due to Covid then why did they send out pre-employment packets to tons of people? It just wouldn't make sense to me, but who knows.
  9. I called up the number posted above and asked what list # they are up to for conductor 6601 and was told 1943. But that's all I was told. Does anyone know any more info regarding an upcoming class? I've seen some dates for September get thrown around, plus it would make sense given the emails that some people have received. Does September seem realistic?
  10. Maybe this is the new and safer way of doing pre-employment screenings since Covid. But are they even actually looking to hire right now? Or are they just wasting my time for the 4th or 5th time? I've been to 180 multiple times and then they always make me redo this stuff and then never actually hire anyone.
  11. I also got the email and filled out the documents. Is this just some standard email or does it actually mean something this time? I feel like I've already gotten similar emails in the past just to see if I was still interested in the job. Nothing ever came from those, so I wonder if this one is actually something to be excited about.
  12. Even with a hiring freeze in effect, is there a chance they'd be able to slip in a small class of 65 or fill those 65 vacancies over the next few weeks? Or does that mean absolutely 0 hirings at all?
  13. So let me get this straight. There are only 65 open vacancies. So hypothetically speaking, does that mean if I was number 66 my only chance to get on would be if 1 person from the first 65 failed a drug test or physical, was not fit for the position, declined the offer, etc. ? That means if the first 65 people pass all tests and accept the offer of employment, unlucky number 66 would NOT get hired? If that is the case, is it a game of luck/fate for anyone who is listed at 66+ since there are only 65 vacant slots?
  14. Very Interesting! If your name shows high on that list, is it a good sign that you may be called soon? Or is it only the first/top 65 people?
  15. yes i did. so you are saying that even though i scored exceptionally on this test, and met all of the other requirements, it was still always a random 33.3% chance that id be hired? lol that is the most ridiculous rule ive ever heard. is there some legal action i can take?
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