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  1. Hey guys, im in training and am suppose to schedule an road test appointment. But on site to schedule it says to put in a certificate number? What is that ?
  2. For training they say to wear medium type work shoes. Any recommendations for stores in queens?
  3. Oh ok yea thats what i must of over heard. Ok thanks. So why wouldnt you want less work, more meal time, same pay? Lol
  4. Hey guys When you get hired and you go to your new depot sometimes you have the option of picking an 8 hour, 10 hour or 12 hour route. Not really sure what this means. Do you get more hours a week? Do you a get one more day off for working longer hours. Im probably way off lol but can anyone fill me in on advantages & disadvantages. Thank you
  5. Does anyone know how the parking is by Zerega Ave? Those who went for Bus training already did you drive or take public transportation?
  6. I restored my name last month mid July and was called for pre employment process a month later. Took my drug test Aug 15, then was emailed just 5 days after to come in for medical in 3 days which was today Aug 23rd. Passed my medical and now i start my training at Zerega Ave on Tuesday Sept 4th.
  7. I was orginally supposed to report last year but had to restore name on list. Im list #2***. I went for drug test on august 15th, tommorow aug 23 i go in for medical. I get fingerprinted tommorow as well or come back for that?
  8. Congrats! After medical and everything checks out Any idea how about long after do they call you in for the 7-10 day bus training.
  9. His email was “Ronald.SaintJean@nyct.com” but i didnt see it as that. Just came up as “St. Jean, Ronald”
  10. Ohhh ok yea....the subject will say “TA Bus Operator”. I didnt get it from a Ms Chestnut like most people did. So go slowly when checking your mail, i almost deleted it by accident smh. I got the email from an worker named Ronald St. Jean.
  11. Yea just call (212)669-1357 right now, Its off hours so its an automated system, theyll tell u to type in your ss# then the Exam# and you can find out there what number they are up to.
  12. Im list# 2***. I was supposed to go in March 2017 but failed to report so had to restore my name.
  13. Call (212) 669-1357 to see what list number they are up to. I recieved an email 5 days after my drug test to report in 3 days so 8 days after phase 1(drug testing)
  14. I just went in Wednesday Aug 15 for phase one of the pre-employment process and did my paperwork and drug testing. Today i just recieved through email an conditional offer of employment and to come in for a medical evaluation for this week Thursday Aug. 23. Didnt expect this email so soon. Pretty excited.
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