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  1. Oh so your the reason I’m on board on my Monday huh?? They giving you guys all the good jobs lol Congrats!!!!
  2. It’s on the 2nd page of the green orientation sheet.
  3. Congrats everyone!!! We should all be in the April class together.
  4. Hey, what’s the difference between the two divisions and which one is more favorable???
  5. Thank you! And nope I didn’t defer. She also said this class will be small. I’m not sure why I didn’t ask. I just wanted to get in. I really hope I get to choose. That would be great.
  6. I originally should have been in the feb 25th class but I ended up in the April 1st class.
  7. There is a confirmed class for Monday April 1st
  8. After a medical hold. I was sworn in today 110*
  9. Thanks!! Very low 110* It’s gonna be right no time. We gotta stay positive!! Almost there.
  10. Wow I just looked no return email address. It will say New York City transit conductor.
  11. Hello everyone, I was called in for my 3rd pre-employment process Feb 1st. I received my invite for medical today. It did state there’s a class starting on Feb 25th in the email. I keep hearing so many different dates on this thread. My number is in the 1100’s. Blessings everyone!!
  12. Sure. Ms Vargas 347 643 8218/ Ms Ohla 347 643 8217
  13. This will be my third pre employment appointment on 2/1. My last one was on 11/27 less than 90 days ago. I spoke to Ms. Ohla today and there will be a 2/25 class. The last list number appointed was 1041. My number is 11** I hope I’m in this class. Good luck peeps!!
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