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  1. As far as maintainers. They start off at $37 and end at that. That’s they flat rate but light maintainers start at $30 and gotta work 6 years to get to $36/37.
  2. I meant July 15th. Not July 8th. Medical was cool , got scared tho because they told me I failed my lung capacity test first time and had to redo it a second time but I passed. Still here now since 7. No specific reason why I choose signals over other. Signals make more than others tho and I’m sure it’s probaly more challenging but I don’t think it can be that tough.
  3. Came in today to complete medical. The lady gave me a choosing of between power , signals , and lighting. I choose signals. Class starts July 8th. She was really nice about letting me choose.
  4. Oh okay. I didn’t know there were that many different branches under power.
  5. Power meaning power distribution ? I’m in the July 15th class. I’m either going to one of the two.
  6. They leave voicemails if you missed it. They left me a voicemail cause I missed it at first and would send you an email.
  7. That’s real close to mine. You probably will get called first thing next week if they don’t make phone calls on weekend. I’m not sure. I hope everyone gets called back soon.
  8. Wise words. I agree. Be patient. I know it’s sucks waiting.
  9. Got a call earlier today. Going in Monday for final process. My class starts July 15th. List number 32*
  10. Did they give you guys the transportation pass/mta I.D already , the ones that went in for medical ?

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