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  1. True. They just better bring us in by that time in August when they take exam.
  2. Guy said they were still hiring people from last exam so I guess they still clearing up that list then ya and they still aren’t in the best finicial state I think so I don’t think we will hear anything for a min tbh. It’s not like they gonna ignore us. Patience is a virtue. It has been a long time.
  3. Nah I don’t think it makes sense. U already took 8611. Your name is ahead of that. I mean unless u feel like u gotta a really low score and didn’t do good on spa but they will get to us. Trust me this time they are taking is driving me nuts too. They haven’t contacted back anybody yet.
  4. U took the promo test to become maintained correct ? Is there a rule to how long u gotta be helper to take promo test ?
  5. They may actually be broke this time lol smh and what is the TWU contract
  6. This whole shit is a drag smh.They hiring system is really backwards. Good looking for the heads up tho @MaxFever @GerardL
  7. I don’t get that either having us take the SPA so early which I though which would mean vacancies occur now it seem like they nowhere near close to us yet smh
  8. I hope they just mean they making those provisional people on that list who are already in permanently when she says she finishing up 7609 and not actually hiring.
  9. That’s crazy they still hiring people off that list. I feel like that mean there’s still people on that 8606 list they gonna call before us or haven’t finished being that was after 7609. Shits gonna be awhile till we hear anything
  10. Thanks for letting us know. I wonder if those are helpers from last electrical helper exam(8606) and still got ppl from that list ahead of us because nobody on this thread seem to have even taken a drug test. At least I don’t think it’s any helpers from the 8611 examination.
  11. What’s up everyone. I’m currently waiting to hear back from transit for transit electrical helper position for drug test. I took my safety proffiecy assessment in November and haven’t heard back yet. Usually it’s normal to hear back by now after taking that. I heard they cut the OT down till like April so I guess that’s the window when they will let up on this hiring freeze.
  12. I’m already an Jr electrician at my job now , I just wanna get out of here already. Getting tired of it here. Only thing we could do is be patient knowing it’s on the way.

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