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  1. Guys , relax..mta is backwards when it comes to hiring, there are such more better jobs in the city not only mta,take other exams while you wait or apply for provisional positions within the mta with your resumes ..again mta is not organized like other city agencies and you'll learn and see what I'm saying
  2. Basically that's one of the first thing they ask for ,plus passport social,etc
  3. You definitely need a high school diploma or GED with experience..I would double check the job announcement requirements..
  4. Same here ,I'm hoping it's just a test to see if you know English
  5. I believe it went ok. I believe half the questions are supposed to be when your actual training..I hope this spa test dont effect the hiring process
  6. I dont know about you guys but tell me why I was nervous on a simple SPA test, please dont underestimate this test ..
  7. During the spa are they do urine testing , need to know if I need to drown. Myself with water
  8. Dam 6 to 12 months ,I'm guessing there waiting for the list to be established..but lately they been hiring before the list get established and you will be hired as a temporary employee until list gets established
  9. Not to be a pain guys but any sample questions other then a guy on a ladder ?

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