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  1. Lights is a sweet spot ,and EE ..signals helper is only flagging..boring or painting IJ..definitely in the spot light and as far as moving up to maintainer...school is 18 months off the street and 6 to 8 months coming as a helper...very great money but too much spotlight ..lighting I would of definitely took or EE
  2. That's why i didnt take the job, it was good to be true to be in E and E, I wanted a position off the tracks
  3. Where are the classes taken place at , location wise
  4. I never even knew there was a E&E helper, still debating if I should do this
  5. It's a tough choice for me because of my age and I'm currently 4 months working with another city agency...I get weekends off and all holidays with a solid schedule..it works out for me and my family and by moving to the MTA side you wont even see a weekend or solid schedules and you will be all over the city..if I got called when I didnt have a family it would of been a easy choice Trust me it hurts my head because EE sounds like a hard department to get into plus your off the tracks which is a huge plus
  6. What helper positions are you guys getting called for, I see mines say elevator..I'm currently working for the city but as a provision at parks..idk what to do ..
  7. Easy way for the city to make money, let's put the test out and make money out of it...why not?
  8. Guys , relax..mta is backwards when it comes to hiring, there are such more better jobs in the city not only mta,take other exams while you wait or apply for provisional positions within the mta with your resumes ..again mta is not organized like other city agencies and you'll learn and see what I'm saying
  9. Basically that's one of the first thing they ask for ,plus passport social,etc
  10. You definitely need a high school diploma or GED with experience..I would double check the job announcement requirements..
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