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  1. Question about MTA hiring signal maintainers

    hey Matt, my concern was that they will only hire internals and what happens to the one who pass the test from the streets? couldn't MTA get in trouble for only hiring internals off the list and that's it? the practical is a hands on test to see if you can use a multimeter and take apart a particular part from the train I believe and put it back together by following the instruction's provided and using the correct tools you will have wire up a board by reading a blueprint
  2. Car inspector

    Ive been waiting after my drug test for signal maintainer since OCT, I believe MTA is on a hiring freeze
  3. Question about MTA hiring signal maintainers

    I called 180 Livingston and was told by the person who does the hiring for signal maintainers that she didn't get the OK yet to hire and if they do it will be INTERNALS only, so what happens to the people who came off the street that was called in for pre-employment and drug test?
  4. hey guys, I took the practical for signal maintainer in April 2017 and was called in to take a drug test in Oct 2017 with a list number of 110, I guess they called me before the final list was established, now its Feb 2018 and I just called Mta and there telling me they are not bothering calling outsiders for the exam only insiders, and to top it all off I see there is another exam coming out in March 2018 , how can they do this? so I wasted my time?
  5. Hey guys, i took this test in April of 2017 and received a letter in Oct 2017 to come in for pre-employment with a list# 11x on the top of the paper, they called me in before the list was established, I took my urine test and now its January didn't hear anything back from MTA, I even call a person name Glynis to follow up and she told me they are taking in house people first and she didn't get the "ok" to hire...my question is what happens from here? would I ever be called back? or its just a waiting game? I just didn't get if they needed people from in house why they just didn't give a promotional exam to the internals? why make it public
  6. Car inspector

    still don't make sense, you pass the practical and you get hired the same day? was this an open house thing?
  7. you have to pay the ticket even if you was not guilty, this happened to me, I actually paid it when I was at 180 Livingston on my phone and showed proof right there on the spot, they don't like anything pending !
  8. I did the practical 11/22/17.i have to go back on the 29th possibly for drug testing etc.the guy said to walk with a snack since it may take all day.

    1. tprashad0719


      that was so quick, did you take the written portion for this exam, or what it just practical?

    2. Scar1105


      It was just the practical,I'm going tomorrow maybe for drug test etc.

  9. Car inspector

    wait, so when did you do the practical test?
  10. Exam 7609: Transit Electrical Helper

    Hey wingz, is it for signal maintainer? I went middle of Oct
  11. Exam 7609: Transit Electrical Helper

    I called HR and they told me they cancelled the signal maintainer class till further notice, good and bad for me, I really wanted to start asap but the good thing is that I can spend the holidays with the family as for flagging, If I can remember..flagging the the most critical thing you can do especially for those working on the tracks, the purpose of flagging is to warn uncoming trains that there are workers on the track, in the past or maybe today they been so much accidents and deaths due to incorrect flagging, so you have to set your work area by placing lamps ahead of the track to let the train operator know to slow down ahead due to workers on the track, as a flagger you can set up TRIPS so incase the train is not stopping it will put the train in emergency etc, you will tell the train as a flagger when to proceed when safe to do so etc
  12. Exam 7609: Transit Electrical Helper

    I do understand some of the fear that is going around, it would be easy for someone who is living with there parents to take the chance and then there is people who pay rent or morgages that don't want to chance it, its a chance your taking but don't make yourself regret it with the should of, could of crap, just do what you have to do BTW I pay mortgage with kids, I am about to leave a job I been on for 12 + years with pension and benefits
  13. Exam 7609: Transit Electrical Helper

    from talking to people who work inside transit for 10 years plus this is what I can share, when you go in as a person with experience and education BUT DIDNT take the test, you will have to take the test in order to become permanent , if you don't pass the test I believe you can take the test as much times as you can, BUT keep in mind for those who pass the test will have more seniority over you and basically you will be at the bottom of the barrel , MTA tells you these things so they can cover them selves so incase there is a layoff the TEMPS aka Provisional will be layed off first.....DONT fear , just do your job and keep low from the radar , as stated people been on this job for 10 years plus and never passed the test, there still TEMP aka Provisionals as for passing the test, you will get a list#. For example..i took the Signal Maintainer practical in April and got a letter before the list was even established which was in Oct. 2017, not even 1 year passed, even though I passed the practical my paper states TEMP on it because the list hasn't been established as yet and then when it does I will have to wait for them to reach my list# so on and all this will be basically 2+ years for me to become permanent and DONT forget probation is another 1 year
  14. Exam 7609: Transit Electrical Helper

    it sucks, because regardless you can have someone off the list that will have more sonority over you because you decided to stay provisional?


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