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  1. That’s not true .....I’m test 4600 and got a pre-employment interview for October 23 which I declines and then November 13 which I won’t be able to go and MTA is setting me up with another interview sometime in December...they are working with me which is awesome because of my current job and because I will be out of town
  2. Hi everyone I just got my pre-employment package in the email for bus operator .....do you need to show up with a CDL permit and all documents to move on and do you get drug/physical tested that day also???
  3. Just waiting....they probably waiting for retirees to happen...
  4. No...you misunderstood I had to get my number restored and they told me that I would get a call in 2019...because I’m at 52** and all the other restored numbers before me
  5. They might of extended the exam but the last class was 9/4 and they told me that MTA has to send a list for new candidates which won’t be until sometime in 2019
  6. That’s what I thought but no...I called a couple of days ago and they said there are no no hires for 2018 that I would have to wait sometime till 2019
  7. I am 52** and got called in January, they said they sent me a letter which I never got, found out in late July through this forum and had to get my number restored, which it did and goes back to its original spot, but was told it won’t be until sometime in 2019......
  8. Hey Anthony just f you don’t mind me asking when did you get called and what was your #
  9. Hi everyone my listing number is 52## I originally was told that they sent me a letter in the mail back in January .I found this out back at the end of July and had to get my listing number restored which I did, does anybody know after the September 3rd class when the next one is or think when I might be called again for pre-Employment also should I have my CDL permit before I get called.
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