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  1. I see that most people already received their list number for exam 9100. Does that mean they already started calling people from this exam? And is there any way we can see what number they are up to?
  2. I received my congratulations letter and my list number is in the 4100’s. Is that a good list number to have or will it be a while before I am called in?
  3. Has anyone received their results yet for exam 9100 or 9604?
  4. @+Young+ sorry but I am still unable to get your pm. But I would really love to share the videos. Maybe I need to actually be at my pc. I will try to respond to your pm from my pc tomorrow
  5. @+Young+ I’m just trying to figure out where my pm is ughhh
  6. @NMondi hi my dad is a retired bus operator and now drives a school bus too. I only took 3 classes and that was enough. Also the teacher points to everything under the hood and while I was in the class he recorded everything on my cell phone for me so I would just kept studying that. I wish I could share the videos with you some kind of way. They were very helpful.
  7. @NMondi since we don’t know exactly when they will call us why don’t u just go ahead and take the road test so you can get the cdl out of the way? I took this exam too and I just passed the cdl road test last week. U should do the same maybe?
  8. Thank you and good luck to you. I’m going to just apply for all of the bus operator exams. They have two coming up this year. One for mabstoa and one for MTa.
  9. @TwentyFive if someone got like a 75 on this exam they not might ever get called right? It seems like I passed but got more than a few wrong :-(
  10. @young does this mean that we should be receiving our list numbers in the mail soon?
  11. @Felcel http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/proposed_answerkey.htm
  12. I took exam and boss survey 9604 last month for TA and now i'm scheduled to take the boss survey for mabstoa in a couple of weeks. Do I actually have to take the boss exam again since I already took it last month?
  13. The answer key is now posted for exam 9604 bus operator. What is a good score to get on this exam so you will get a low list number?
  14. @leaniel3209 my test was held st 8:30am this morning

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