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  1. Thanks @young. I will take a look at all of these!
  2. @luiggi0102 they gave you books to study? Sorry for all the questions lol.
  3. @luiggi0102 when did you take your drug test. You just had your medical this past Friday?
  4. @RailBus63 yes so am I definitely old school. I have been struggling with this but I think you are right and I’m not going to have no choice but to be honest with them. Thank you so much for this advice! I appreciate it.
  5. @dman good so maybe we will get our drug test results by next week.
  6. @bkborn ok good!!!! You should be fine! This is going quickly!!!
  7. @luiggi0102 so should I take a leave of absence for 10 days and if I pass just say “sike” I’m not coming back? Lol
  8. @luiggi0102 lol. Well dang I hate to tell them i might be leaving and then not qualify. Lol so you gave your job no notice????????? Lol you’re an OG lol
  9. @luiggi0102 so we are not expected to quit our jobs before the 10 day training class and just take a leave from work. and if we pass the 10 day we don’t give our current jobs any notice. Ok thank you so much for confirming. I am grateful for this opportunity just feel a little bad leaving a job without notice.
  10. @young what if someone pass the 10 day training class? Then how much notice will we be able to give our current employer?
  11. @bkborn does the pay go up right after finishing your 1 year probation?
  12. @luiggi0102 100k?? You have to put in a lot of overtime to make that right? Starting out I think is only $26/hr??
  13. @bkborn are you reporting Wednesday too?
  14. Hey guys, how about this question? Should we not be drinking any alcohol this weekend? Opinions please. Thank you
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