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  1. @Ramirez1523 it’s definitely more challenging now I think it’s because of the good weather and things are getting back to normal. More people = more problems
  2. @lornaevo congrats!!!! When you came off probation did you have to go to the office or do anything that day? You got a raise too right?
  3. @lornaevo it went good. He let me know he was giving me a ride. How many have you had so far?
  4. I got my second probie ride yesterday. So be careful
  5. Good luck to everyone with the new pick! Has anyone had their second undercover ride yet. I was told it will be before the end of the month. So everyone be ready!!
  6. Anyone else going to Livingston tomorrow for fingerprints?
  7. Be careful out there everyone. Did they send you guys out today? I went out and my bus started sliding.
  8. @lornaevo congrats on finishing probation!!!!! Quick question, how much of a raise do we get once probation is done?
  9. @Biggington yes that’s a great thing for probation, I would love that. I picked floater and it only pays 46 hours. I wanted something with less hours as possible to help me make it off probation. I’m scheduled to go to Livingston tomorrow so I’ll probably keep the appointment since my depot pushed back my hours. You can always put in foe work on your rdo’s
  10. Wake up everybody lol. How is everything going at your depots? Also has anyone been scheduled for reprints this Monday? You guys been quiet lately . Sheeeeshhh
  11. @Myrv I asked her the Same question and she said they are going to give us back the money orders and that we can just deposit them in our banks. They didn’t cash them yet supposedly
  12. @Myrv really? So We all shouldn’t, that’s bs. And I’m sure we won’t even get paid for it. She wanted me to come tomorrow but I told her I had to report tomorrow for my tour so she is supposed to be sending me an email. Did you work out with them when you are going?
  13. Did anyone else get a call that everyone hired from August has to report to Livingston to retake their finger prints due to a system update?
  14. @Biggington lol his crazy a@@ sure did.

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